Cameroon – Pomme Haricot

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Pomme haricot is a meal that deals in the combination of pomme and haricot in order to have this delicious meal. Pomme haricot is being eaten during lunch times due to the heaviness that it comprises after eating the meal. Most often, after eating it, you have the feeling of dizziness and lumpsiness in part as a result of the haricot that contains so much proteins and vitamins important and necessary for the development of the human body in general and in bones in particular. Proteins is very good and important for the functioning of the human blood as it adds more energy and proteins to the blood. Pomme haricot comes from the grassfield areas of Cameroon, the Santa locality.

Cooking method

Pomme haricot is being prepared by stewing

Cooking ingredients

  1. Three cups of haricot
  2. Half bucket of pomme
  3. Two tomatoes
  4. One onions
  5. Leeks
  6. Garlics
  7. Ginger

Seasoning ingredients

  1. One cup of groundnut oil
  2. Three teaspoons of salt
  3. Maggi cube for tasting
  4. Red pepper for tasting

Cooking process

  1. Remove the dirt from the haricot
  2. Boil the haricot for a period of one hour, thirty minutes
  3. When boiling, pour enough water into the pot and also put salt when boiling
  4. Clean your pomme, removing the peelings and put in a clean bowl of water to wash it thoroughly and clean.
  5. Wash the pomme once more
  6. Clean the tomatoes and the onions , leeks , garlics and ginger
  7. Chop them all on a chopping board and place them aside
  8. Put the pot on fire and add in oil, allow the oil to heat for some seconds then add in the chopped tomatoes, ginger, garlics , leeks and crayfish fish. Fry them all together and continue stirring from preventing it from burning.
  9. Later add in your peeled pomme in the pot and add in water.
  10. Add salt and Maggie to taste then close the pot.
  11. After 5 minutes check your pomme on fire, when the pomme is soon getting ready, add in the beans then add a cup of water , then stir your pot  then close it.
  12. Allow the food to cook for about 10 minutes.
  13. Now you can remove your pot on fire.
  14. Your food is ready.

Enjoy your meal.

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