Africa – How to cook groundnuts soup

First of all I am going to tell you on the nutrient of groundnut to the body for we have to know all the nutrients food contents so that we can know how to consume it and when to consume it.

Africa – African Beans Roast

Beans are known for their widely uses all over the globe. In Africa, beans are mostly taken in children diet flour, maize and beans mix (Makande), beans-rice hybrid food and so much to list.

Africa – Preparation of Rice and Tomato Source (Stew)

This meal rice and stew is eating everywhere and nearly recognized by the whole world. This is because the meal is so delicious. It is eating by families on occasional days in Africa or periods and on normal weekly days.

West Africa – FuFu

FuFu is a very unique dough that is made with cassava. This dish is made in different countries by adding different ingredients according to the countries like Cuban, Ghananian, Liberia, etc. Fufu is eaten with fingers and small balls dipped in soup or added to the sauce. In the African tradition, Fufu acts as a family in the form of a big toe.

West Africa – Topsi banana / banane malaxee/ porriidge banana recipe

Topsi banane is a very special food which is mostly cooked during knock doors and meetings since the food yummy and irresistible.