Pakistan – Traditional Siri Paye

by Shafaq Aziz


Siri Paye is one of the most unique and rewarding recipe of Pakistani cuisine. Siri means the head of the goat or cow and the paya means the feet of the goat. The siri and the payas are roasted over an open fire to burn off the hair from the skin. This part of the preparation need care otherwise they will burn which spoil the flavor. The siri paye are added to a curry made with the garam masala, ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes etc. Siri Paye is not very different from other desi meat dishes like paye, qorma etc. The skin of the paya melts in your mouth and gravy is covered by bone marrow which is really delicious. It is served with lemons,fried onions,ginger and chaat masala etc.

It is served at festivals and gathering or made for guests. It is cooked for hours on low flame. It is usually eaten as breakfast in winters. The siri paya gravy also helped relive flu and fever.


  • goat feet (paaye) 4
  • head (siri)
  • ghee 2 cup
  • salt 3 tbsp
  • vinegar 6 tsp
  • red chili 10 to 15
  • coriander 5 tsp
  • turmeric powder 2 tsp
  • garlic 3 cloves
  • onion 2 (medium)
  • yogurt 2 cup
  • garam masala 3 tsp
  • green chili 3 to 4
  • ginger 2 tsp
  • water 6 cups

Method of cooking

Step 1

separate the brain from the skull.

Step 2

Heat ghee in the pan and fry onion until golden brown.Remove the onion.Blent together onion,coriander,red chilies,turmeric and garlic.Stir fry garam masala in ghee,when it get dark add skull with brain,feet and vinegar.

Step 3

Pour water into a pan and add yogurt and fry add water to cook the feet. Cover and cook it for 3 hours on low heat.

Step 4

Dish out and garnish with some fried onions,chopped ginger,chaat masala and serve it with roti or naan

  • 1 bowl of siri paye contain 136 calories

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