Tanzania – Senene (Senator)

By Robert Christopher

Senene Cuisine from Tanzania

Senene are small insects found mostly in northern part of Tanzania, in Kagera, Mara and Mwanza regions. They are also found in neighborhood countries which are Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Senene are highly in fats and they are so taste, hence been taken as traditional dish for Haya tribe in Kagera region, they even made a say for it, “senene ni tamu kuliko nyama” that is to mean “senene (senator) are more delicious to meat”.

Preparation of this cuisine it needs specialized places and tools to catch Senene, traditionally it may look like in the picture below:

Steel sheets are bent toward a bucket that has covered at the top, only to allow sheets entrance. Once Senene enter the bucket it can’t go out since the sheets are slippery. There must be a bulb with white luminance to attract Senene since they are attracted to the shiny lights.

You may buy ready made Senene from the markets during the seasons and simply enjoy them. Let us prepare ones after the catch, welcome.


  • ½kgs of Senene, any amount is accepted.
  • Salt.
  • Frying oil.
  • Pepper powder.

Cooking procedures

  • Start to remove their wings, each of them, take your time to do the process.
senene before wings removed
  • Take little amount of water and mix them with it, add amount of salt accordingly.
  • Take cooking pan, add oil and heat it well.
  • Start to fry Senene, while keep moving them so that they don’t burn.
  • You will notice color change to brownish-yellow, that means they are ready.
  • Take them off heat, cool in clean plate and enjoy your meal.

Take this delicious meal with Stiff porridge or Bananas

Senene ready for meal

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