Vietnam, Hong Kong (China) – Banh Cuon

The meaning of Banh Cuon is ” STEAMED ROLLS ” and Banh Cuon is the Vietnamese dish which came from the Northern side of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is the most popular dish because this dish is available in the streets and in every event or function of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is a Western dish which is originated from Northern Vietnam.

Hong Kong (China) – Yangzhou Fried Rice

Yangzhou fried rice is the yummiest rice of Hong Kong and, it consist of flavors of vegetables and stew of meat that make it very special and unique. Yangzhou fried rice is named on the basis of the town which is also named Yangzhou. It is originated in Eastern China’s rich Yangtze River delta.

Hong Kong (China) – Har Gow

Dim sum meal is the special meal of Hong Kong, and it has many dishes in it so har gow is one of them. Har Gow is named as in the Chinese language, its actual name is shrimp dumpling. You can enjoy it at the breakfast, in the evening or in dinner as well.

Pakistan, India, China – Hot and Sour Soup

Soup is a special dish which is commonly eaten by many people in winter season. Soups are commonly eaten in Pakistan and many other Asian countries as well as in the whole world. The word soup came from a French word which is soupe.

Hong Kong (China) – Typhoon Shelter Prawn

Typhoon shelter prawn is the unique and famous cuisine of Hong Kong. Shrimps and prawns are very famous in Hong Kong, most people just like to eat prawns at their dinner. This dish basically depends on shrimps which are fried and spicy in taste. Typhoon shelter prawns are originated from HONG KONG. Typhoon shelter is the shelter for fishing. Hong Kong is the only city in which this facility is available.

China – Delicious Sweet and Sour Pork

This is the tastiest dish in China. Sweet and sour pork is deep-fried meat. This dish has different sauces and this is served with stir fry vegetables like bell pepper, caramelized onions, pineapple, carrot, and other vegetables.

Hong Kong (China) – Ginger Milk Curd

Ginger milk curd is a Chinese dessert that is made with the juice of ginger mixed with curd ( yogurt ). The benefit of this dessert is you can make it anytime anywhere just with three main ingredients.

China – Peking Duck

The second name of Peking duck is the “ROAST DUCK”. This is one of the most favorite and popular dishes that is made by a duck. The very first time this Peking duck dish is originated in TANG DYNASTY. The actual ROAST DUCK was introduced in 1368. Now the Peking duck is known as the National symbol of CHINA.

Hong Kong (China) – Egg Tarts

Egg tart is a kind of sweet dish which is like a pudding or the custard which is made with the egg and served like a pastry. Egg tats are the special sign of “LOVE” and a “GOOD NEWS”. It is a very special dish of Hong Kong which is famous all around the world also.

China – Kung pao Chicken

Kung pao Chicken is the spiciest combination of fried chicken which is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. Mouthwatering pieces of crunchy chicken is so delicious so you can not regret to eat this whenever you eat, but you have to eat this with slimy sauce which is most famous in china.