United Kingdom – Eton Mess

Eton Mess is a traditional English dessert which is the combination of strawberries , meringues and whipped cream. What makes this dessert special is the amount of flavors it gives when combined with different elements of food. Eton Mess was originated in year 1930 when it was served in the schools sock shop. As being there for quite some time I can share my experience in loving and admiring this dessert.

The United Kingdom, England – Sweet Dessert Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie is another type of delightfully sweet dessert. It is firstly made by a British Chef whose name is Ian Dowding, who firstly discovered this dessert probably in 1971. The word Banoffee has come from two words which are Banana and Toffee

United Kingdom – Cherry Bakewell Tart

This Amazing dish is coming up from the DERBYSHIRE in England. That region is popular in making confession pastries. Shortcrust pastry is maybe a tart of smaller size, or quiche, or a pie. The popular ones are sweet ones with the use of many fruits, nuts, almonds, and cream over the tart.

United Kingdom, England – Traditional Steak and Kidney Pie

There are many famous recipes in British cuisine but, the Steak and Kidney pie is our most popular recipe so far. This dish (Steak and Kidney Pie) is originated from the northern part of Europe.

Northern America, United Kingdom – Traditional Chicken Pot Pie

Pot Pie is a special and popular recipe in the whole world. It is very famous among the people of Europe. Basically, this dish was firstly introduced in North America.

United Kingdom – Fish And Chips (With Mushy Peas And Tartar Sauce)

Fish and Chips is considered the most common dishes in all of the UK as it is merely eaten everywhere in the whole country. It is basically a fish fried in batter and served with hot chips along with its side with an tartare sauce. The origin of fish and chips was in Lancashire in 1863 by a man named Mr. Lee who used to serve fish and chips from a wooden hut.

The United Kingdom, Italy – Pizza Without Oven

Pizza has become the most local cuisine here in the USA and UK and other European countries. The word pizza was first introduced in 997 A.D in central Italy and Gaeta. The most important thing in this dish is that I’ve made it without using any oven.

Spain, United Kingdom, France – Delicious Creme Caramel Pudding

Cream Caramel is another type of delightfully sweet dessert. The word caramel means sugar syrup which is in dark brown and sometimes brown color after heated it well. The cuisine is a part of the European Region and includes the United Kingdom and Spain’s cuisine. There are many types of verities of cream caramel pudding or custard.

The United Kingdom, Mexico – Traditional Cornish Pastry (Meat Pie)

The Cornish pasty is a baking recipe that we bake in an oven. There are many alternatives of Cornish pasty one of them is Meat pie, the meaning of word, meat pie also the same as Cornish. this dish (Chicken Enchiladas) is actually originated from British Cuisine.

The United Kingdom, England – Special Dessert Fruit Custard Tart

This dish (Fruit Custard Tart) is actually originated from British Cuisine and it is part of the European region. It is the special type of dessert of Great Britain. Throughout the United Kingdom, they are sold in most bakeries, supermarkets, etc. There is much kind of alternative names of this dish.