Cameroon – Crab With Macabo and Tomatoes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

There is richness found in meals. As the Cameroonian proverbs goes, show me what you eat and I will tell you who you are. This is a famous sentence often heard among those who love going in food exploration. Cab with macabo and tomatoes is a meal representing many and different cultures and traditions in Cameroon brought together to make one. Crab with macabo and tomatoes comes from the combination and the technic that is used to cook and prepare which is no other than the use of each specific item from different villages to cook Crab with macabo and tomatoes.  The crab comes from the Douala, precisely from the river wouri, also known as River of prawns. The macabo comes from Bafoussam. This meal came up to better showcase the richness in diversity to be rich as one. Crab with macabo and tomatoes comes from Cameroon.

Cooking Ingredients

  1. Two crabs
  2. Tomatoes and Onions
  3. Celery and Percil
  4. Groundnut oil or any other type of oil you have in your possession.
  5. Five macabos
  6. Salt and maggi

Cooking process

  1. Wash the two crabs.
  2. After washing the two crabs, boil them
  3. Wash the tomatoes, then slice the tomatoes.
  4. Wash the onions, then slice the onions
  5. Wash the percil and the celery. After washing the percil and the celery, grind the two.
  6. Pour a little quantity of groundnut oil on fire or any other type of oil you decide to use in cooking the food.
  7. Wait for the oil to steam.
  8. When the oil does steam, throw into the pot the sliced tomatoes and also the onions
  9. Put a little bit of salt and maggi.
  10. Pour half cup of water.
  11. Close the pot.
  12. Allow the food on fire for like three minutes.
  13. After three minutes, remove the food from fire.
  14. Proceed to the macabo.
  15. Wash the macabo with the peelings still on it.
  16. After washing the macabo with the peelings still on it, boil it.
  17. To boil it, it can stay on fire for like thirty minutes. Within thirty minutes, the macabo should be ready.
  18. When the macabo is ready, wait for it to become cold.
  19. For it to become cold, it is preferable to pour cold water into it.
  20. When finally it becomes cold, remove the peelings off it.
  21. When it has been done, pound the macabo till it becomes soft and easy to manipulate.
  22. Turn it round into round balls.
  23. Your Crab with macabo and tomatoes is ready.

Enjoy your meal!

Good Appetite.

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