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Madagascar – Misao

Misao is a cuisine of the kind, impressed with vegetables and ramen noodles that are cooked under careful kitchen procedures, that anyone can flow with to the most great outcome taste ever.

Madagascar – Kedgeree

Kedgeree is another taste to try when you visit Madagascar. Madagascar is an island they you can fly to. Kedgeree cuisine combines rice with smoked haddock at large as well as other ingredients to give a unique taste.

Madagascar – Tilapia (Tilapia à la Malagasy)

Madagascar in an island found in the Indian ocean, west on African continent, near Mozambique mainland state. Since Madagascar is an island, it’s primary cuisines must have contain sea foods like Prawns and Tilapia.

Madagascar – Piri – Piri Chicken

Madagascar has traditional food that spread through Europe. Its name is Piri – Piri chicken, or in England, they called it Peri-peri chicken. Piri – Piri chicken tastes sour and spicy.

Madagascar – Varenga

Madagascar is an island located on the western part of the African continent. Varenga is a traditional meat dish originating from Madagascar. Varenga is among the easiest cuisines to prepare as it follows few steps along it’s preparation.

Madagascar – Fried Chicken Rice

Fried rice may be the best option for some people when choosing a rice cuisine, but have you ever tried Madagascar one? This will leave your buds hotter than ever. Madagascar since it is an island, sea food is prominent, therefore fried rice may have some other kinds from chicken ones.

Madagascar – Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa

Madagascar is where this taste comes from, Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa. Madagascar is an island in the Indian ocean. The island has got varieties of cuisines like Foza sy hena-kisoa a seafood and pork dish and Koba a mashed bananas dish wrapped with banana leaves.

Madagascar – Mofo Gasy

Mofo gasy is the Malagasy pancakes made of rice. They are mostly cooked along the streets and sold at very cheap price. The restaurants ones, they are not that cheap either.

Madagascar – Romazava (Beef and Vegetable Stew)

Romazava is a stew of meat and vegetables being cooked well to give a unique taste. It’s a national dish in Madagascar that is taken with a varieties of side dishes like rice or bread.