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Rwanda – Spinach with Peanut Butter

Rwanda is an African country found on the eastern part of the continent, bordering Tanzania to it’s west. Many small farmers do cultivate fruits and vegetable for daily meals and sells. It is easy to work around the markets in Rwanda and found spinach all along each vegetable sales man table.

Rwanda – Boiled Kumara With Nuts

In Rwanda Kumara is simply a sweet potato, boiled sweet potatoes with nuts is another taste to try. Sometimes modern ways of eating influenced by globalization brings a hearty challenge for this dish, although it still holds the front position to the most loved traditional dishes in the country.

Rwanda – Duck Roast

Rwanda is among the smallest countries in Africa, it found in the East of central Africa, bourdering famous countries like Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda – Milk Stiff Porridge (Warriors Meal)

Back during colonial era, Nyarwanda soldiers under chiefs leadership had a respective meal of stiff porridge with wild meat side dish, this cuisine were known as Warriors meal.

Rwanda – Sardine Roast (Dagaa)

Such a tasty yummy dish from Tutsi people, the tribe of Rwanda, Sardine roast is all people favorite, especially when you speak about lake sardines. In Rwanda we have rivers that provide at large these sardines, others are modern sardine fishing as well as imports from Tanzania and Burundi.

Rwanda – Isombe

Isombe is a vegetable of Cassava leaves, that are boiled fresh with water, then mixed with other ingredients to bring the best recipe. This cuisine is prepared in Rwanda mostly in rural areas, due to the availability of Cassava leaves being low.

Rwanda – Traditional Barbecued Meat

Traditional barbecued meat from Rwanda will surprise you. Normally we both know that barbecued meat will have to get cooked over heat, special charcoal cook, but from Rwanda things are little different here we marinate meat for about a day, then cook it smoked covered with greens for some hours.

Rwanda – Rice with Spaghetti

Rwanda is a small country located at southern part of African continent, bordering Tanzania to the east and D.R of Congo from the west. Rice is among the best loved foods in the country.

Rwanda – Bloody Grass (Tembele)

Our country, Rwanda is located in the eastern part of the African continent. Every morning around the streets in almost all parts of the country, everyone stands out the door waiting for purchasing the green leaves, mostly Tembele.

Rwanda – Cassava Leaves

Rwanda is a country found in the eastern part of African continent, bordered with United republic of Tanzania to the east, Burundi to the southern part and democratic republic of Congo. Cassava leaves is a tasty greeny meal in the homes of Rwanda people.