Pakistan – Tikka Malai Boti Handi

This dish is very popular and fusion of two different dishes which are tikka and Handi. The literary meaning of the word ”MALAI” that comes from the word MAKHAN means butter in Urdu. This dish has four words.

Pakistan – Sattu Ka Sharbat

Sattu drink is one of the popular summer drinks in Pakistan. Born in the spring, this sweet delicacy is known for its cooling qualities. It is popular nationwide with variations in states like Punjab and Karachi.

Pakistan – Lahori Fish Fry

This is very disgusting with eating food. The fish was boiled in a wonderful spicy marinade, garnished and cooked until tender. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, mouth-watering dish, perfect for dinners and celebrations.

Pakistan – Yakhni

This dish fights against many diseases and gives warmness to the body. Pakistan in the winter season comes to 1 degree which is very cold, so in this cold weather everyone urges to get the warm temperature and Yakhni gives you the strength to fight against the low temperature.

Pakistan, India, China – Hot and Sour Soup

Soup is a special dish which is commonly eaten by many people in winter season. Soups are commonly eaten in Pakistan and many other Asian countries as well as in the whole world. The word soup came from a French word which is soupe.

Pakistan, India – Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is the dessert made up of milk, khoya and sugar with some flavored ingredients like rose and green cardamom to enhance the aroma of the dessert. It is served with the sugar syrup sometimes it is served without the syrup it depends on the personal preference.

Pakistan – Namak Paray

Namak Para is also known as nimki brittle or namkeen pare. Tea time is a very fragile and fragile dish.

India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi – Pizza

Pizza is an Italian delicious cuisine. It is the not the most traditional dish but it has become the the most local cuisine in different parts of world. Many people in Pakistan and India and many other Asian countries like to eat this delicious dish. It has a delicious taste and it is offered in many restaurants.

Pakistan – Traditional Karak Chai

Tea is very popular in pakistan espacialy in winters. in urdu tea is called chai. 90 percent of pakistanis love tea for sure .The aroma of it is so good. Most people energy levels are low in the moring after meals therefore,its the best to consume tea after breakfast. There are many types of tea around the world.

Pakistan – Liver Fry (Kaleeji Fry)

This is a dish made up of Liver of an animal either it be lamb, beef or chicken but traditionally this dish is made up by mutton liver and cooked very quickly so they known as by quick recipe.