Cameroon – Jamsu With Fufu and Steak

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Jamsu with fufu and steak is a heavy combination of two different cultures of food. Keeping the local food type of Jamsu with fufu, there is an introduction of steak so as to make it more appetizing in the sight and also in the mouth. Jamsu with fufu is the custom and traditional meal of the Jakiri inhabitants. A native of Jakiri sees himself eating Jamsu with fufu and steak from Monday to Sunday without losing an appetite for it. They just love it so much. For a native of Jakiri, cooking and eating Jamsu with fufu is like preserving a culture that has been inflicted with modern changes that does not reflect the real cultural aspect of the Jakiri natives. Reason why, preserving and upholding Jamsu with fufu is very close to heart to them and they are ready to do whatsoever to preserve it and keep it in tact. Jamsu is planted locally in the Jakiri native land. They use their own planting methods and planting tools to plant their well-beloved Jamsu with fufu. They just enjoy eating it as if it is the only type of food on earth. Normally, Jamsu with fufu is eaten just the two of them, that is Jamsu with fufu, but some decide to add a third substance in the form of meat. The meat can be chicken, beef or pork. Anything of their choice that they decide to accompagny the eating of Jamsu with fufu. In our case, it shall be steak. Jamsu with fufu and steak comes from the Jakiri native land.

Cooking ingredients

  1. A bunch of Jamsu vegetables
  2. A kilo of corn flour
  3. Two fresh tomatoes
  4. One onions
  5. Half cup of red oil
  6. One steak roll
  7. Maggi and salt.

Cooking process

  1. This will be seem to be the most difficult and time consuming process of cooking Jamsu with fufu and steak. The process is about selecting and removing the bad Jamsu vegetables from the good ones. This process takes time and process.
  2. After selecting and removing the bad Jamsu vegetables from the good ones, you should boil the vegetables.
  3. Boiling the vegetables will take around twenty minutes. Do not pour much water in the pot when boiling the Jamsu vegetables since the vegetables in itself also contains much water.
  4. While boiling the Jamsu vegetables, you should endeavor to wash the tomatoes and the onions, then slice them.
  5. When the Jamsu vegetables is ready, squeeze the water out of it.
  6. Put red oil on fire.
  7. Immediately as it begins to hot, put the sliced tomatoes and onions in it.
  8. Stir the pot.
  9. After thirty seconds, what should follow is the Jamsu vegetables in the pot, then also the maggi and the salt.
  10. Close your pot and wait for like five minutes.
  11. Within five minutes, the Jamsu vegetables is ready.

The next thing to proceed to is the fufu.

  1. Put hot water on fire.
  2. Wait for the hot water to boil very well.
  3. When it must have boiled well, put the corn flour in the pot.
  4. With the help of your stick, turn the corn flour till takes the form of hard paste.
  5. Make sure to be adding water, little by little as you are cooking.
  6. When you finish, serve unto a plate.

Your Jamsu with fufu and steak is ready.

 Enjoy your meal.

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