Cameroon – Kinsijam Ripe Plantains Mixture With Rice and Fowl

Kinsijam ripe plantains mixture with rice and fowl is a mixture of the village type of chicken ripe plantains and rice. All the ingredients used are locally grown made. Kinsijam is a village found in Nkar, in Cameroon.

Liberia – Chicken Palava

The traditional dish you are about to know today is Palava sauce. This sauce is prepared with spinach and okra. But at times okra could be missing but not spinach.

Morocco – Pastilla

Hi, my name is Oussama from Morocco. In Morocco there are several local dishes, such as couscous, tagine and pastilla, with all kinds of “chicken-fish”.

Sudan – Goraasa be Dama

Goraasa be Dama is a Sudanese cuisine composed of beef stew and easy flatbread. Talking about Sudan, is a country located North-East Africa largely occupied with black people. Arabs settle in the northern and eastern parts at large while Africans occupies the rest.

Cameroon – Mulu Kpat

Cameroon is blessed with uncountable traditional dishes which comes from the ten regions each with so many villages. One of these traditional meal is mulu kpat which is a traditional meal from lebialem in the south west region precisely typical of the bamumbu tribe. The main ingredient used in preparing this mouthwatering is a leaf called tarot leaf.

Cameroon – Crab With Macabo and Tomatoes

There is richness found in meals. Cab with macabo and tomatoes is a meal representing many and different cultures and traditions in Cameroon brought together to make one. The crab comes from the Douala, precisely from the river wouri, also known as River of prawns. The macabo comes from Bafoussam. This dish comes from Cameroon.

Cameroon – White Yam and Egussi Stew

White yam and egussi stew is a delicious meal which is at the same time very nutritious. White yam and egussi sauce is a typical delicacy to the southwest people because they have the raw materials available often. It should be noted that yam and egussi stew is loved nationwide and prepared in every part of the country as well.

Madagascar – Romazava (Beef and Vegetable Stew)

Romazava is a stew of meat and vegetables being cooked well to give a unique taste. It’s a national dish in Madagascar that is taken with a varieties of side dishes like rice or bread.

Cameroon – Boiled Eggs With Jinje Stew

Boiled eggs with jinje stew is a food that is being prepared for events concerning the invitations of people. It is a food mixture that talks of the culture of Bamendja’s, a rich village land in agricultural environment. Bamendja is a village locality found in the grassfields of Cameroon.