South Africa – Chicken Biltong

Biltong are very famous bites in South Africa made from dried sliced meat. They are characterized by air dry with lemon, sugar, salt, pepper and other flavours to preserve taste and lower fats percent from it. It is traced from the abroads but still holds it’s value through the traditional way of drying meat for longer last.

South Africa – Veggies Chicken Roast

South Africa as the name means it is a country found in the southern part of African continent. Broilers are the types of chicken produced at large in the country compared to natural ones.

South Africa – Potjiekos

Potjiekos is a South African food. This name means “small pot food”. This meal is usually prepared on a three stone fire side using a small pot that has three legs.

South Africa – Chakalaka

In South Africa, normally they have their cultures and tradition they look up to. Chakalaka like most African dishes is very spicy and delicious. If this is your first time to know about Chakalaka, you should know is delicious and could be eating for a family gathering or reunion.

South Africa – Bobotie

This is another African delicacy which originates mainly from South Africa. This cuisine is processed and baked. It is delicious and has a wonderful aroma.

South Africa – Vegetable Mix Roast

South Africa is among the countries blessed with climatic condition to support vegetable cultivations at large. People from south Africa like Zulu prefer this meal because it is profitable as medicine to healthy.