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Zambia – Nashima and Relish

NASHIMA is a very important dish in Zambia. This ingredient is made from food, which is made from corn. In Zambia or South Africa, we used rape or more leaves instead of black, but black is a good alternative.

Zambian – Zambian Chicken Roast

Zambia is a country located southern part of Africa, where this cuisine has prepared from. I welcome you to join me with the preparation of Zambian chicken roast.

Zambia – Ifinkubala

In many countries of Africa, insects are essential not only for environmental balance but also for healthy and meal advantages. Ifinkubala the cuisine from Zambia is among the many cuisines of insects.

Zambia – Inswa

In every rainy season, you will see golden flies all around places in Zambia, they are flying termites. Here in Zambia we call them Inswa. In nearby country that is Tanzania, they usually call them “Kumbikumbi”.

Zambia – Ifishashi

Ifishashi is a zambian dish, that is prepared from green plant leaves and it can be mixed with most of the foods in Zambia.

Zambia – Chikanda

Zambian breakfast is served with pickled orchids. Chakanda, commonly known as African Polio, is one of the tastiest desserts in Zambia. The food was traditionally associated with the Baby tribe of the Northeast and Zambia, but today it is of interest throughout the country.

Zambia – Cocoa Buffer Ladu

It is made from ground cocoa when it is cooled, then wrapped in leafy greens and slowly, depending on your cooking preference, fresh or smoked meat, fish, cream, red oil, and other It is mixed with herbs. Aquang is a special kind of coconut broth. The shops here are labeled “Taro White” or “Pink Taro” while Cameron is called “Macabo Coco” in the logo.

Zambia – Chibwabwa

When comes to green leaves recipe, Chibwabwa may hold it’s position as a pure traditional Zambian dish, due to the fact that it only cooked by boiling and no more. It has other varieties of ingredients but no any oil drop is found while preparing this dish.

Zambia – Kalembula

Kalembula is name that whenever you will be required to list down Zambian cuisines, no wonder it must appear there. It’s a cuisine from Sweet potato leaves, mixed with vegetables to enhance taste and nutritional benefits.

Zambia – Nshima

A cuisine is a traditional cooking habit. Nshima is one of the cuisines, Zambians consider as real food. It is heavy and made up of a combination of other spicy delicacies.