Nigeria – Ofe Ugba

Ofe Ugba is a native meal for the people Imo state in Nigeria. Ofe Ugba is made up of so many ingredients. But the main ingredient that make up this dish is okra and garden egg.

Nigeria – Stew Sauce

The question about cuisines and their origin has been a thought that I have been thinking of. The are many cuisines around the world coming from different tribes and regions. The question I use to ask myself is, how where the cuisines formed.

Cameroon, Nigeria – Egusi Soup/Stew with Rice or Ripe Plantains or White Yams

Egusi soup is made from melon seeds. The melon is harvested when it is matures, it cracked open and the seeds removed and dried. The seeds are collected and dried well using just sun light. (the African way).

Nigeria – Amala and Ewedu

Ewedu is a delicious soup mostly associated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This is mostly the western side of Nigeria. Ewedu is made from the leaves of a jute plant. This soup is usually garnished with caw skin (canda) and meat, red or dry meat, with pepper source.

Nigeria – Ofe Achara

They say, Ofe Achara is the most traditional way of preparing Egusi soup in Nigeria. This has a traditional name called Mgbam. This means molded Egusi. And it is said, the Egusi is not just any type of molded Egusi.

Nigeria – Nkwobi

Nkwobi is a typical Nigerian Cuisine. It is an expensive dish with cow foot as its main visible components. It is often termed as food for the rich. This is because the dish is expensive and for an individual to prepare this dish at home, maybe for a party or for home consumption, that person should be rich.

Nigeria – Agidi Jollof

This sound like rice, but It is not. This is another Nigerian delicacy valued and prepared by the Nigerians. This meal is spectacular in nature because, it takes the combination of several ingredients you could hardly think of to come up with it.

Nigeria – Miyan Kuka

Miyan kuka is among the loved soups in Nigeria with Ewedu and Ofe onubu included. Miyan kuka is originally comes from Hausa tribe in the northern Nigeria.

Nigeria – Abak Atama Soup

Today, you will be reading about Abak Atama Soup. This is a delicious soup popular amongst the Ibibios of Akwa Ibom State in southern Nigeria. Unlike some other soups, this meal got its names from the ingredient used for preparation.