Nepal – Choila

Choila is a very spicy dish of Nepal. Choila is special to make in ” buffalo meat ” but with the passage of time everyone changes its ingredients and starts cook in every kind of meat like chicken, beef, mutton, etc.

Nepal – Churpi Soup

Firstly, we have to know about the Churpi, what actually Churpi is?. Churpi is a very famous and tasty cheese of NEPAL, which is used in different recipes. This cheese is a Nepalese cheese and is called Durka also. Churpi is made with the milk of YAK or COW. People have it in different regions of the HIMALAYA like NEPAL, DARJEELING, SIKKIM, BHUTAN, TIBET, KALIMPONG, etc.

Nepal – Kachila

Kachila is the minced meat of buffalo which is made full of spices. Kachila is one of the best dish of Newari cuisine because it is famous due to their taste and region also. This is a very special dish of Nepal. Some people called this dish “WEIRD NEWARI DISH”.

Nepal – Lumpiang Sariwa

Lumpiang sariwa is a roll that is filled with different varieties of vegetables and serves with sauces. The new version of Lampiang is a combination of meat grains, carrots, Kimoto, and baguettes.

Nepal – Thakali Khana

Thakali khana is a set of the most authentic dishes of Nepal. This is the collection of every type of food which the normal person wants to eat. We can say that this is the “BUCKET OF FOOD”. Thakali khana was first introduce in the region of Nepal which is known as “Thak khola”.

Nepal – Laping

Laping is one of the spiciest noodles in Nepal. Basically, Laping noodles are related to Tibetan cuisine. If you think about the taste of the Laping then you should know that the laping noodles are itself tasteless. Laphing was introduced in Tibet in the beginning. In CHINA, it is called Cold Noodles, originated from the Northern region of China.

Nepal – Masyaura

Masyaura is a very unique recipe of Nepal. This dish is very special because of the sun-dried balls, they totally depend upon the sun rays that give it a very unique texture. Sun-dried is the food preservation method from ancient times, but some dishes totally depends on it because this is the best method of food’s dryness.

Nepal – Yomari Steam Dumpling

It is a dumpling that is made in steam. It is the most famous dish of Nepal, so if you visit Nepal then you just go to the restaurant and first order the yomari. This dish specially made on festivals and special occasions, every occasion is incomplete without this dish.

Nepal – Chuira

Chuira is Flattened rice that is eaten at Teatime because it is a kind of Snack that you must try whenever you visit Nepal. Many people use this snack at dinner time or in breakfast because of its taste that you can not deny eating this.

Nepal – Sapu Mhicha

Sapu Mhicha is the special food of Nepal and it is also the unique food of Nepal. This dish is made especially at the festivals and occasions of Nepal. This dish is the sign of “PEACE and LOVE”. Sapu Mhicha is originated from Kathmandu Valley and then spread in Nepal and it is called Newari cuisine.