Uganda – Spicy Matoke

Matoke is actually the green food of Uganda which is cooked with different kinds of stuff and brings the new taste of every dish. It is all bout the choice of spices because only spices make your dish different and tasty. Matoke is actually a kind of banana but is not fully cooked. It must be green in color when we cooked this. Matoke is origin in Kisii lands.

Uganda – Senene (Swenene) Stew

Senene are famous around bush places like Bugema where cultivation is a primary activity. Since senene are seasonal, it’s a tricky to get them easier anywhere in the world, instead people catch and make packages of fried senene that can stay for a longer time, many supermarkets do the same here in Uganda.

Uganda – Katogo

Katogo is the best food in Uganda, especially in Kampala. The city has different tribes in different parts of the country, but when it comes to breakfast, everyone agrees on two things, Katogo or Kikomandu. The English meaning of “KATGO” is “MIX”, they just mix cassava and beans and make their dish ready. The ORIGINATION of KATOGO is from two countries Western Uganda and Buganda.

Uganda – Meat Roast

A taste from Uganda, is always delicious. In Uganda cow meat, goat meat are the most sold meat, due to the fact that they are the most cattles kept.

Uganda – Fish Roast

Lake fish are like “mhhhh so taste”, and we are going to make one from Victoria lake in Uganda. Sato fish are the ones known to taste better.

Uganda – Potato-Banana Meat Mix

Uganda is among the East-African countries that cultivate Banana in large scale, it is supported with cool climate and fertile red soil. Banana may have many traditional and modern styles of cooking but today we will prepare the mix of Banana-potatoes with meat.

Uganda – Bambara Groundnuts with Coconut Roast

This type of groundnut historically was found Peru, South America. In Africa, it’s cultivated in many countries include South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sudan.

Uganda – Traditional Fish Finger

Uganda is a country found in Africa. The inhabitants of Uganda speak Luganda and English, Swahili is at low and with elite Ugandans. Fish Finger is among the loved food as it’s prepared traditionally.

Uganda – Ferinda

Ferinda is a traditional dish from Tooro region located in western Uganda. This region is mainly known for its large tourism potential which is evident with the the extensive Rwenzori mountain ranges nicknamed “Mountains of the Moon” by John Speke a famous explorer from the Royal Geographical Society.