Tanzania – Natural Colorful Rice

One from Tanzania By Robert Christopher This one comes from most of Tanzanian urban ceremonies especially wedding cerebrations and birthday parties. This kind of rice style doesn’t include any artificial food colours, it is prepared with natural remedies together with natural rice. Big cities like Dar es Salaam and Arusha this rice style is no […]

Korean – Sundubu-jjigae

This is a Korean Soup that can be made up from Scratch. The spicy Korean Tofu soup is very popular in Korea. Sundubu-jjigae or Soondubu Jjigae are two names of the same dish, tofu stew. The main component besides seafood is TOFU. There are varieties of JJIAGE, stew dishes of Korean cuisine.

South Africa – Chakalaka

In South Africa, normally they have their cultures and tradition they look up to. Chakalaka like most African dishes is very spicy and delicious. If this is your first time to know about Chakalaka, you should know is delicious and could be eating for a family gathering or reunion.

Pakistan – Naan Channy (White Chickpea Gravy)

This dish is a famous dish from the cuisine of Punjab. Naan channy is the kind of breakfast that can be eaten even in breakfast but also in lunch and dinner. Some famous varieties of channa cooked and loved by Pakistani people is CHIKAR CHANNA. This is the gravy of gram pulse/ chickpea that is usually white chickpea. Pakistani food is very delicious but when it comes to street food, they have their own swag. Naan Channy is a dish that is very popular among small stalls and roadside hawkers. The exact origin of this special breakfast is not known but it is common is assumed to be originated from LAHORE, at the time of the Indian subcontinent.

Pakistan – Hunter Beef

Tender hunter beef is one of the popular dishes of Pakistan. Enter the hunter beef exit all other treats. After Eid-ul fitar now every Muslim is ready to celebrate the upcoming Eid festival.

Cameroon – Burning Planti and Red Oil

Burning planti and red oil is a native snack enjoyed mostly in the village and arranged by our lovely grand mothers and fathers. Since such dishes take long to get ready, it is better that plantains be roasted round the fire side and eaten with red oil to have some energy while waiting for the main meal.

Cameroon – Djori Green Soup With Boiled Garri

Djori green soup is a kind of soup tasting like boiled groundnut in the mouth. The constant consumption and eating of the djori green soup helps in treating and relieving the pains associated in bones. Djori green soup with boiled garri is a local cuisine coming from locality of Dunga.

Indonesia – Gabing Curry

Most of us have ever eaten curry, chicken, or beef. But have you eaten curry made of coconut leaf shoots? In Indonesia, there is a curry made of Gabing (young coconut rod). Part of coconut rod, a place where fruit and leaf grow.