Mozambique – Galinha Asada (Chicken Roast)

Passing around streets in Mozambique, you will wonder some tastes called Galinha Asada. It is a chicken fried and sold together with chips from potatoes or cassava, but today we will look only on the roasted chicken, start with it’s preparation methods to the final steps.

Mozambique – Bolo Polana

Bolo Polana is a mashed potato and powdered cashews cake. It’s term has originates after the Polana suburb in Maputo. Besides the name, this Mozambique cuisine is a loved entity when comes to cakes, due to it’s sweet cashew smell and smooth texture.

Mozambique – Rissóis de Camarão

Portuguese cuisine has become entrenched in Mozambican culture, simply because of the colonial effect in the country. Either ways that doesn’t deny it’s best styles of food preparations as well as it’s cuisines.

Mozambique – Ncima

Ncima is a home made cuisine from Mozambique, rarely found in big restaurants or hotels. It is a cornmeal with meat soup on top, that is made almost in every home in the late mornings.

Mozambique – Baked Sweet Potatoes

In Mozambique, sweet potatoes are highly eaten. There are varieties of cooking styles for this cereals, yet the most taste ones is by baking them either in open flame of by soaking with smoke.

Mozambique – Grilled Butter Prawns

Mozambique’s prawns are usually roasted with butter mix on top of their backs. This prawn’s meal have save a thousands in the country as they are easy to get when in Mozambique due to their presence as sea food.

Mozambique – Matapa (Cassava Leaves Recipe)

Cassava leaves may provide a taste you won’t believe your own taste buds. It is a relatively taste dish, made from stewed cassava leaves blended with ground peanuts, garlic, and coconut milk.