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The United States, America – Spicy Hash Brown

This is a local dish of United States America and other European countries. It consists of finely chopped potatoes which we fry until it changes its color to brown. This dish is originated from United states of America. It was first discovered in 1887 in New York which is a city of America by Maria Parloa.

United States of America – Creamy Egg Salad Sandwiches

The special snack “Egg Salad Sandwich” is made with the help of boiled eggs, in which there is a layer of “Egg Salad” between the Slices of bread to make a delightful and tasty “Sandwich”. The United States of America is the main place of origin of this cuisine. Now, this recipe is also used for fast food like some restaurants mainly used potato fries and other sauces with Egg Salad Sandwich.

The United States, America – Delightful Dessert Banana Pudding of Vanilla Flavour

The Banana Pudding has many components but the 3 main components are Banana slices, Biscuits, or cookies and the last is Vanilla custard. This dish (Banana Pudding) is actually originated from the United States and it is the part of the European region. In America, there is a lot of places that this delightful dessert has sold.

USA, Germany – Potato Salad

Potato Salad is a special type of dish made from potatoes which are boiled and a combination of other ingredients. Many office workers in Germany and other European countries take Potatoes salad for their lunch in the lunch box. It is originated from Germany but this dish also known as American-style Potato Salad. It has many verities and variants.

Mexico – Beef Barbacoa

Barbacoa is slow-cooked meat that is seasoned with chilies and Mexican spices and when its done, it is so tender and juicy. It is believed that barbacoa is originated centuries ago in an island country which is Barbados. Its name was created by Portuguese in 16th century. The word barbados is derived from words Los Barbadoes which means bearded.

North America, Mexico – Special Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas is one of the finest Mexican dishes in Mexico. In simple words, the word Enchilada means “dipped in chili”. An American magazine of cuisine detailed that enchiladas are made by a chef of Mexico and prepared as a snack for tourists or for local people.

The United States, America – Hot & Spicy Hash Browns

Spicy Hash Browns are one of the brilliant dishes for breakfast with remarkable taste. There are 2 main components of this dish, the one is Potatoes and the other is Cheese. In some European countries, Hash Browns are one of the traditional breakfasts moreover also in some countries this dish is used as a dinner. Throughout the United States these spicy hash browns available at different supermarkets. The place of origin of Hash Brown is the United States. This dish firstly made near North America or Mexico in 1890.

United States of America – Sweet and delicious French Toast

French toast is a type of breakfast recipe. Here the word toast means that properly cook of bread slice from pan or toaster from both sides. There are different claims about the origin of French Toasts but the main source of information is that French Toast comes from Roman Empire. Basically, French Toast is called “Pain Perdu” in French, which means lost bread, while in some Roman languages it is called Pan Dulcis. It becomes popular day by day from the earlier 15th century.

Europe, United States of America (USA) – Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Buffalo Chicken wings are one of the famous and delicious cuisines of the European region. Marinate and coating are the most important phase of Buffalo chicken wings. In the history food book of food historians, that’s the Buffalo Chicken wings firstly prepared at a restaurant present in Buffalo, New York.

Mexico – Shrimp Fajitas

Today, Mexican cuisine consist of the mixture of Spanish and indigenous cuisine. Fajitas are known as one of the most famous Mexican food. The word ‘fajita’ is derived from Spanish word ‘faja’ which means ‘belt’.