Singapore, Indonesia – Kwetiau Goreng

This dish is a very unique dish, it actually called a Chinese dish but it is related to the cuisine of Singapore and Indonesia. Usually, people of Indonesia want to eat breakfast. It is a FRIED RICE NOODLES. The meaning of Kwetiau is “FLAT NOODLES”. Kwetiau Goreng is also used as street food in Singapore. Basically, the origin of this dish is China.

Indonesia – Aunu Senebre

West Papua is not only known for its beautiful sea but also its delicious food. One of them is Aunu Sanebre, a dish made from anchovy, grated coconut, and sliced taro leaves served with a side of papeda.

Indonesia – Semar Mendem

Yogyakarta province in Indonesia is an iconic city with all its philosophy and artistic handicraft. When visiting Yogyakarta, tourists will have treated with various kinds of food. Semar Mendem’s name comes from Semar, the legendary character of the puppetry story.

Indonesia – Tinoransak

Bunaken was discovered in 1975, and up until now become one of the tourist destinations in Manado city, North Sulawesi. Manado city has also various delicious food with a rich spice and herb taste. One of the popular dishes is Tinoransak. A traditional dish serves in every cultural ceremony.

Indonesia – Gangan Paliat

South Borneo has become one of the world’s lungs with its vast forest. South Borneo’s capital city, Banjarmasin, knows for its river tourism. Banjarmasin city is also known for its freshwater fish dish. They cook it into various kinds of food, Gangan Paliat is one of them.

Indonesia – Cincane Chicken

One of the biggest islands in the world is Borneo in Indonesia. Borneo island foremost East Borneo province is known for its authentic brown sugar. East Borneo also has a rousing festival named Erau Festival, which is the biggest culture festival there. When enjoying the Erau festival, there is a special dish that you need to taste, which was Cincane Chicken. To cook Cincane chicken, Borneo people only use organic chicken to have a tender texture and tastier.

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia – Curry Puff

Curry puff is the most wanted snack that they serve with tea in SINGAPORE and in MALAYSIA as well. This dish is also famous in Indonesia but with a different name. The compulsory ingredients are potatoes, onions, meat and eggs. Karipap pusing is another name of curry puff which is called in MALAYSIA and in SINGAPORE.

Indonesia – Celimpungan

Many kinds of food are cooked only in a special event. One of them is Celimpungan from Palembang city, Indonesia. A dish that only cooks when people of Palembang celebrating Eid Al-Fitr. Celimpungan is a yellow soup filled with fish cake and some vegetables.

Indonesia – Tekwan

Becoming the host of the Asian Games in 2018, Palembang has delicious culinary that suits most of their guest taste. For those who love to eat something more simple but delicious, you can eat Tekwan.

Indonesia – Gudeg

Gudeg is totally a jack fruit dish, which is a very famous traditional cuisine of Javanese. It is called “GREEN JACK FRUIT SWEET STEW”. There are different variations of GUDEG. Gudeg was first made in the Mataram Kingdom which is actually related to Alas Mentaok. Yogyakarta is the Capital city of INDONESIA, as we know that Gudeg is originated from YOGYAKARTA. Javanese cuisine is very spicy food so the actual meaning of the word “JAVANESE” is “FIRECRACKER”.