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Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Sattu Ka Sharbat

Sattu is actually a flour which is the most famous flour used in drinks in Pakistan. You can prepare sattu ka sharbat and beat the hotness of summer at home. This is the healthiest summer drink in Pakistan.

Pakistan, India – Delicious Hareesa

Hareesa’ one of the most popular dishes. The history of HAREESA is very much from the United Arab Emirates, middle east. There are many other alternative names for this Arab cuisine such as JAREESH, Harees, and Arizah.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Halwa Puri (Semolina pudding with Fried Dough)

This dish is eaten as breakfast in Pakistan. It is famous as breakfast among Pakistani people for example Lahore is the main city in which it is more popular, as well as Faislabad, Multan, Sahiwal, etc. Before Pakistan, in the city of Lahore, there are many dhabas from the side of Androon Lahore which is also present there. Androon Lahore is a place where all antique things, old breakfast are available. This is the beauty of Lahore.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Pratha Roll

Pratha roll is a delicious dish commonly eaten in lunch by many people. This dish is also offered in many big restaurants.

India, Pakistan – Instant Jalebi

Jalebi is a sweet which is originated in Indian Subcontinent in 15th century. Jalebi is famous all over Asia. The word jalebi is derived from an Arabic word Zulabia.

India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi – Pizza

Pizza is an Italian delicious cuisine. It is the not the most traditional dish but it has become the the most local cuisine in different parts of world. Many people in Pakistan and India and many other Asian countries like to eat this delicious dish. It has a delicious taste and it is offered in many restaurants.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Besan Ki Mithai

Besan ki mithai is the special, unique and best mithai to eat in winters. This is the cheapest dish t make in winter and definitely the tastiest mithai. You can make it at home actually according to your taste.

Pakistan, India – Fresh Aloo (Potatoes) Bhujia With Tomatoes

Here’s a brilliant straightforward formula with a or even brief list of fixings (allowed you to have a supplied zest cabinet). I used to be examining this once with some of my family Aloo Ki Bhujia may be a widely known dish in Pakistan.

Pakistan, India – Dhaba-Style Daal Channa (Split Bengal Gram)

Daal Chana is an Urdu word that means Splat Bengal Gram in English. This delicious dish is very famous all over Asia. It is full of nutrition and healthy diets.

Pakistan, India – Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is the dessert made up of milk, khoya and sugar with some flavored ingredients like rose and green cardamom to enhance the aroma of the dessert. It is served with the sugar syrup sometimes it is served without the syrup it depends on the personal preference.