Iraq, UAE – Masgouf (National dish of Iraq)

The most important and lovable dish of Iraq that is also a national dish of Iraq is this dish. Whole fish is cooked instead of fish pieces. This is the way to represent this dish, masgouf. Iraqi cuisine is called Mesopotamian cuisine. It is originated by different regional cuisines including Persians and Iraq, etc. Masgouf is well recognized by Middle Eastern restaurants and other Middle Eastern countries and, is a very old and traditional dish of Mesopotamian cuisine.

Iran, Iraq – Khoresh-e-Qeyme

The most important dish is loved by every person who likes Persian and Iranian dishes. This is basically a stew of mutton in which vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peas, lime, and eggplant are added and serving is very important. The Iranian’s Culinary tradition is the combination of many different cuisine because they have great impact of their tradition to them. Stews are very traditional dish cooked on the ancient time. Demons were very familiar with the artof cooking stews and soups and when Persian was inspired by them they used to have it in their daily food.