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Angola – Cocada Amarela

Saying Cocada Amarela, doesn’t spot just a cuisine but a coconut-egg yolks cuisine from Angola. Coconut as a dessert fruit, it serves many from thirst proving unique cool self made juice. Apart from juice it has a whitish hard paste that can be chewed like a bite, yet it can do more wonders that being just a bite-like.

Angola – Catatos

Insects are another world of benefits when considered by their nutritional content. Catatos is another cuisine from Angola that will leave you amazed, it’s all about caterpillars.

Angola – Farofa

Farofa is an Angolan cuisine of rice and beans with manioc flour on top to resemble Brazilian cuisine of the same name, while the only difference is the ingredients, some of the preparation methods varies.

Angola – Stiff Porridge

Stiff porridge is beating almost every part of African countries dishes, it’s easy to prepare and takes at most only 15 minutes of preparation. (preparation time may vary depending on the number of people).

Angola – Arroz

Arroz is a dish of white rice, yet it has many varieties of it’s type. This white rice is of specific type, although any of the rice may do the best. In Angola we normally cerebrates with this cuisine in some kinds of preparations.

Angola – Feijoada Recipe

This cuisine is the mix of beans and vegetables as well as chicken meat. It is the favour of most, as its found cheap to prepare and cook. Let us prepare it.

Angola – Goat Meat Stew (Caldeirada de Cabrito)

This Angolan dish is a popular traditional dish served on November 11 in many parts of the country to celebrate Angola’s Independence. It is among the respected dish because of it’s significance to the country.

Angola – Fish Calulu

Fish Calulu is a recipe from Angola, noted as the national dish, that comprises of dried fish and vegetables at large. Some people add a fried fish too, to make it more interesting to anyone who prefer fried fish from dried ones.

Angola – Cabidela

Cabidela is an Angolan dish prepared from Pork, Rabbit or Chicken meat and cooked with it’s blood, giving a brownish color to the meal.