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Nigeria – Amala and Ewedu

Ewedu is a delicious soup mostly associated with the Yoruba people of Nigeria. This is mostly the western side of Nigeria. Ewedu is made from the leaves of a jute plant. This soup is usually garnished with caw skin (canda) and meat, red or dry meat, with pepper source.

Nigeria – Yummy Chicken Vegetable Ugba

In most the restaurant you have eating, some of the meals are not even on google or have been prepared by you. In my country, Ugba is bitter-leaf and this leave is being used to prepare so many soups of different kind.

Nigeria – Garri

In Nigeria, Garri will sound every on the cereals market. It is a very potential, loved and valued flour, due to the products it gives. It originates from Yoruba people of Ijebu origin in the country.

Nigeria – Meatzza

They say; “those who often cook, hardly have the appetite to enjoy their own food”. Lol. Never has there been a day, when I cook and don’t have the appetite to eat. This is because most at times when I get into the kitchen to prepare a particular meal, my mind must be made up already which even causes the secretion of saliva at times.

Nigeria – Ekuru and Ata Dindin

Nigeria is a country located in western Africa, it is bordered by Niger in the north, Cameroon to the east, Benin in the west and Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic ocean to the southern part. Ekuru is originate from Yoruba tribe, people living in the southern part of the country, among three ethnic groups in tribes in Nigeria.

Nigeria – Nsala Soup

Have you ever eating Nsala soup? Again, I bring to you the best of dishes around Africa. Imagine African is a very large continent with so many countries. In some of these countries are so many tribes and this tribes have meals you haven’t ever heard of, but if you eat the dish, you may love to leave in Africa.

Nigeria – Banga Soup

The Banga Soup cuisine originates primarily in the south and mid-western parts of Nigeria. Many settlers from the area consumes it at large. It is tasty, smooth and lovely.

Nigeria – Obe Ishapa

Obe Ishapa is a Nigerian cuisine eating by those of western Nigeria. The cuisine is not so common but it eating so well by those who know of it and who can prepare it.