Tanzania – Papaya Roast

Tanzania is a blessed country as it has a lot to give and express. Apart from it’s delicious juice, have you ever wondered that unripe pawpaw may produce a wonderful vegetable taste! Sure it can. Kerewe people originating from Ukerewe Islands have the methods for this.

Tanzania – Boiled Sweet Potato with Coconut

Potato cultivation is also done with Sukuma and Kerewe people in Tanzania. Preparation method will include some sort of Coastal food preparation styles, since coconut is not primary cultivated with Sukumas and Kerewes.

Tanzania – Chips Mayai

Chips Mayai is a very popular dish in Tanzania. This is a very common dish in Tanzania and other parts of Africa like Cameroon. In Cameroon, this is a very popular dish and it could be seen made on the streets every day for breakfast. But in Tanzania and other African countries like Cameroon, they add more value to it.

Tanzania – Pilau Rice

Tanzania also has an attitude of preparing tasteful cuisines. Today I will be writing about rice. Rice is very common but it is valued by everyone. The rice used here to prepare Tanzanian Pilau rice is basmati rice.

Tanzania – Matembele

Matembele are green leaves, mostly like potato leaves but with narrow shape and a red color at its steam. They have been named as bloody grass because it’s a major role they play into our bodies, to support blood production within.

Tanzania – Rice Porridge

Egypt, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria are the most known countries to cultivate rice in Africa. Shinyanga, Tabora, Mwanza, Mbeya, Rukwa and Morogoro are the most known areas in Tanzania to cultivate rice, however today we will prepare our local cuisine of rice porridge from Mbeya, Tanzania. Let us roll in.

Tanzania – Vibambara Stew

Tanzania is a country located in the eastern part of African continent. Tribes dealing with fishing activities are found near the lakes, rivers and oceans. Most people prepares Vibambara. Vibambara are sliced fish to make nealy equal two parts, smoke them to dry and store for a longer period of time..