Cameroon – Chicken sauté With Carrots

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Most families consume chicken as if it was the only meat existing on earth. No matter your cultural background, your religion, we must all agree that chicken is the best form of meat especially when it is well prepared. This is the feeling with Chicken sauté with carrots. It is a very nice manner and way of chicken that deserves all the merits when well prepared and well consumed. This will be our today’s local cuisine, Chicken sauté with carrots. Cooking chicken in a way others cannot prepare it, in a unique manner. Though from the local cuisine of today, many people will come to know about it and follow in the steps of cooking chicken sauté with carrots so as to have magical meal. It is a good way of cooking and enjoying chicken. Be reassured of this. Cooking may seem simple, but there are some techniques that you must know so as to get the best out of cooking and the meal you cook to eat. Chicken sauté with carrots comes from Dem in Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. One quarter chicken
  2. Three irish potatoes
  3. One fresh onions
  4. Green species
  5. Groundnut oil
  6. Small quantity of salt and maggi.

Cooking process

  1. Cut the one quarter chicken in small parts.
  2. Boil afterwards the one quarter chicken.
  3. When boiling the chicken, make sure to boil with salt. A little bit of salt is enough.
  4. Wash the carrots, then slice in smaller parts.
  5. Remove the peelings of the irish potatoes.
  6. Cut the irish potatoes in smaller parts.
  7. Wash the green species, then cut in small parts.
  8. Pour groundnut oil in the cooking pot.
  9. After pouring groundnut oil in the pot, then put immediately the carrots and the irish potatoes in the pot.
  10. Put the desired amount of salt and maggi in the food.
  11. Then close the pot.
  12. Wait till the food is about to become ready. When it is about to be ready, throw the green species in the food.
  13. Close the pot and allow it for like one minute.
  14. Within one minute, the food is ready.
  15. Remove the food from fire.
  16. Serve the food unto a clean and sit in a quiet environment eating and enjoying your food you finish eating.

Bonne degustation.

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