Vietnam – Banh Cuon

Vietnamese people eat rice as their main staple, so when visiting Vietnam, you will taste various kinds of rice noodles, rice paper, or dumplings. One of the best rice dumplings in Vietnam is Banh Cuon, a fermented rice mixture dumpling filled with grounded pork, mushroom, and minced shallot.

Vietnam – Bo Luc Lac

For most of us, meet up again with our ex can become an awkward moment, but not in Vietnam. There is a place known as the love market Khau Vai. On every 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar, there is a unique festival held in the Khau Vai market. On that day, hundreds of ex-couple gathering in the market and enjoy the love market festival. Despite their unique festival, Vietnam also full of delicious dishes. One of the beef meals is Bo Luc Lac.

Vietnam – Bún Riêu

For a coffee lover, Vietnamese coffee is one of the tastiest coffee in Asia. Despite their coffee, Vietnam also has a delicious dish and mostly is noodle. When visiting Ho Chi Minh, you will find a tasty noodle called Bun Rieu, a rice base noodle with tomato soup as a base crab.

Vietnam – Ca Kho To

Tet festival is an event for celebrating the Vietnamese new year at the beginning of the spring season. As a host, they will serve you with their authentically delicious food for the guest. Vietnamese dishes use various spices and herbs to create a rich taste in their food. Like one of their dish called Ca Kho To.

Vietnam – Banh Xeo

Eating crepes in a break is so relaxing. Crepes also become a traditional culinary in Asia. In Vietnam, there is a dish that uses a crispy-thin pancake as an ingredient called Banh Xeo.

Vietnam – Goi Cuon

Vietnam is number 13th for the most populous country in the world and located in the easternmost of the Indochinese peninsula. Goi Cuon is a fresh spring roll type, where they do not cook the dish and serve it fresh. Every region has its style Goi Cuon.

Vietnam, Hong Kong (China) – Banh Cuon

The meaning of Banh Cuon is ” STEAMED ROLLS ” and Banh Cuon is the Vietnamese dish which came from the Northern side of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is the most popular dish because this dish is available in the streets and in every event or function of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is a Western dish which is originated from Northern Vietnam.

Vietnam – Hue Tieu

Countries in Southeast Asia have amazing underground views. One of them is the Son Doong cave in Vietnam. Talking about Vietnam won’t be complete without talking about their noodle soups: Pho noodle uses tender beef that reflects Hanoi purity tradition, Bun Bo that has a strong spice, and Hue as the progressive spirit of the Vietnam youth.