Laos – Ping Kai

The Laos where most of the citizen is a Buddhist use the lunar calendar. One of the festivals is the Wat Phou festival, a festival held on the full moon in at third month of the lunar calendar. As a tourist, to enjoy a festival won’t be complete without tasting the local food in the area. One of the recommended food to taste in Laos is Ping Kai.

Laos – Or Lam Gai

Laos, where their people follow the Buddha teaching, has many Buddhist festivals. One of the festivals is Wat Simeuang. During the festival, Laos people served a special soup named Or Lam Gai. A complete soup with spicy taste, full of nutritions, and delicious. Or lam Gai spice blend in harmonically with a rich texture in every bite.

Laos – Pad Khee Mao

Luang Prabang is one of the boat racing festivals in Asia that held around August and October every year in Laos. For a food traveler, Luang Prabang is a festival you cannot miss when visiting Laos. You can enjoy many kinds of Lao delicious dishes like Pad Khee Mao.

Laos – Mok Pa

Laos, one of the Southeast Asian countries, has a different food staple from the other countries in the area. While other countries eat rice as their food staple, Laos people eat sticky rice. Mok Pa best serves with steamed sticky rice and fish sauce dip.

Laos – Khao Soi

When we talk about Southeast Asia history, we will find that this region is the center of many great kingdoms. One of them was the Lan Xang Kingdom. Khao Soi is the favorite noodle in Luang Prabang. In the Lao language, Khao means rice, and Soi means to cut. That’s why Khao Soi made from rice flour.

Laos – Khao Jee Sandwich

This laotion sandwich has another name so we can say that it’s a “Khao jee”, someone says that it is similar to banh mi but it is not, some of the methods or directions are similar but not as much.

Laos – Khao Piak Sen

In Southeast Asia, there is a country that has different date calculations. That country is Laos whom celebrating its New Year’s eve on 14 – 16 April every year. In April, you may also taste every Laos culinary that rarely available in the other month. One of the dishes is Khao Piak Sen.