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Maldives – Bis Keemiya (Filled Pastry)

Bis Keemiya is a delicious pastry filled with tuna, egg, spices, vegetables. This is so popular in the Maldives it is similar to rolls and samosa. This is also very famous in India, Indonesia, Africa, Pakistan, etc. The pastry is a little sweet so it tastes really good with spiced filling.

The Maldives – Traditional Fish Curry

Fish curry is basically curried with fish in it but this is not a simple curry it is very unique and delicious. It contains some spices which are also called Maldivian spices making it special and appetizing. e is basically spiced-up cuisine and this is what makes it Maldivian cuisine.

The Maldives – Traditional Gulha (Dumplings)

Gulha is basically considered as dumplings because they are small in size and biteable. In the Maldives, they are called short eat or evening snack. This dish is named GULHA because this snack is small and the word is also small. Gulha was very famous in ancient times as well as now. This was considered a royal dish.

The Maldives – Aluvi Baokibba (Cassava Coconut Cake)

Aluvi Baokibba is also known as cassava coconut cake. This is the specialty of Maldives. You can serve this to any occasion to impress the guests. In the early times, coconut has to be the main ingredient of many dishes either it is dessert, starter, or main course. But now coconut is not the main ingredient of the dish but there are a few recipes in which coconut is the main ingredient like Aluvi Baokibba, Maroshi, etc.

The Maldives – Boshi Mashuni (Flower Banana Salad)

Boshi Mashuni is one of the most unique and appetizing salads in The Maldives. This is a crunchy, savory, and healthy salad. The interesting part of this dish is the salad is served on leaves, not on plates.

The Maldives – Traditional Long Eats

Long eats is not basically a dish but a combination of different dishes. So this includes many dishes and that is why it is called Long eats. The important part of the dish is it always includes fish dish. In the ancient times of the Maldives, long eats were not discovered so people call it big breakfast. Now, these big breakfasts are called long eats.

The Maldives – Maalhoskeylu Hiki Riha

Maalhoskeyly Hiki Riha is a plantain dry curry. This curry is very different from other curries because other curries have gravy in them but this is dry and so delicious and the main part of the dish is Green ash plantains. Green ash plantains are very similar to bananas but green ash plantains are bigger than bananas. Plantains mainly come from South East Asia but in small quantities, they also come from America.

The Maldives – Traditional Kulhi Boakibaa

Kulhi Boakibaa is basically made of tuna fish and spices and this is why it is called savory dessert. This is very similar to Aluvi Boakibaa but the difference is Aluvi Boakibaa cake is made of coconut and it is sweet. This recipe was made by a famous chef of the Maldives in early times.

The Maldives – Traditional Garudhiya (Fish Soup)

Garudhiya is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Maldives. Garudhiya is a fragrant fish soup with some kind of spices and vegetables in it. This is so famous in winters. This dish is made by adding water, fish, spices, vegetables, and lemon to it. The very important part of the dish is to add lemon to it because the lemon adds a unique flavor to it.

The Maldives – Aluvi Riha (Potato Curry)

Aluvi Riha is one the most delicious dish in the Maldives. Fish is the most important part of this dish and you can only use tuna fish. Curries like Aluvi Riha were eaten with roshi or flatbread in old times. This dish is available in any restaurant in the Maldives.