Japan – Okowa (Japanese Sticky Rice)

This is Japanese-style steamed sticky rice. This special rice is cooked with vegetables and meat if you like to add on. The word OKOWA came from the Japanese word, KOWAMESHI, which means ”Hard rice”. OKOWA means in this dish like we sometimes used different varieties of rice in making this dish. However, in this dish they are not hard rice, they are cooked sticky rice

Japan, China – Sanbeiji ( Three Cup Chicken )

Three Cup Chicken is also known by the name, San Bei Ji. It is a very popular dish in China and Taiwan cuisine but also very popular evenly in Japan. It is known as a three-cup chicken because the used in this dish is made by a cup of three ingredients. It is served with Congee and Rice.

Japan – OMURICE (Japanese Omelet Rice)

OMURICE is the dish of Japanese cuisine which is influence by ”FUSION CUISINE”. It is said that this dish is evolved from Western-style cooking. This dish is actually an Omellete dish of fried rice and served with ketchup. OMU RAISU is a Japanese word of English Language, which means Omelet Rice. This dish has many variations according to the different ingredients and cooking procedure.

Japan – Takikomi Gohan

Takikomi Gohan is a bowl of Japanese rice tossed with dashi, soya sauce, broth, and can have the addition of vegetables and meat into it. This dish has a lot of varieties and different versions of the same dish by having different combinations of vegetables and meat. It can be your comfort dish or a heavy meal to be served on dinners, festivals like Japanese new year’s eve, etc.

Japan – Yoshinoya Beef Rice Bowl (Gyudon)

This dish is a proper bowl of all elements like strips of beef with steamed rice and topped with vegetables with sometimes a fried egg. This is said as Japanese comfort food for at least 150 years. Gyudon is originally originated from the dish Gyunbae. This dish is Beef hot pot at the times of KANTO REGION, in Japan.

Japan – Sashimi

Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine dish. It is a very simple but popular dish, this is not the main course but loved by every Japanese people to enjoy it as wholemeal or the main course. Cooking is not even included in making this dish and served with the most famous MISO SOUP, or as a good bowl of rice. SASHIMI means pierced meat. Like Sashi means ”pierced” and mi means ”meat”.

Japan – Soba Noodles

It is the tradition of Japan to serve and eat soba noodles on Japanese new year’s eve. People think that eating this dish will have to wait till next new year’s eve. So the name of the dish is called TOSHIKOSHI SOBA means AFTER A YEAR.

Japan – Chinmi: Salt-pickled Mullet Roe/ Kusaya

This is a Japanese delicacy and is supposed to be the rare and expensive food of Japan. It is Pickled seafood by adding preservatives. To name this delicacy, there is a common sentence used as ”THREE CHINMI OF JAPAN”: Kusaya(くさや), Funazushi (鮒寿司) and Kurozukuri(黒作り). The history of Japanese cuisine revolved around the main three ERA: KOFUN PERIOD from 3rd to 7th centuries followed by Yamato dynasty, and then the New Periods.

Japan – Melonpan

Sweet bun soft inside covered with crispy-crunchy cookie dough is the best thing for a snack as a biscuit, like a cookie, as a bun. This is known as melonpan because of having the same shape like melon. This is more like a bun in texture but having many flavors to be added on to give exotic flavors and new tastes. There are various types of the melonpan bun with different fillings and stuffing added.

Japan – Miso Soup

Miso is actually a product formed by a special procedure known as fermentation. MISO SOUP is also known as ”Misoshiru”. Miso soup is very common in Japan and served with white plain rice in breakfast.