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United Arab Emirates – Beef Al Harees

This dish is a very healthy meal in UAE. Harees means SMASHED OR MASHED. According to the Patron Saint of Armenia, this meal is served for charity and poor children. This is the national dish of Armenia. The dish is served and cooked in many countries but with some variations according to the taste of that particular area.

Israel, Iran, Levant – Sabich Sandwiches

This dish is like a sandwich in which different vegetables, stuffed meat, sauces are served in the pita bread or some other form of bread. In this specific bread fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, salads, different sauces are sandwiched between pita bread or laffa bread. Their ingredients are basically from the Jews breakfast and it is also a dish of breakfast, but it is commonly found there as the street food sandwich and also in the snacks. The use of Tahini sauce and Amba pickle is also very common but it is the variety infused with UAE culture. Tahini sauce is basically a sauce from Arab and Emirati cuisine so it is a dish with different culture infusion. More specifically, Israeli cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Arab cuisine have the same roots of origin. Israel’s culinary culture is the history of 3000 years. The history of Israeli cuisine is divided into different eras of development. At the time of 1940 to 1950, there were Iraqi Jews refugee created these dishes.

Iraq, UAE – Masgouf (National dish of Iraq)

The most important and lovable dish of Iraq that is also a national dish of Iraq is this dish. Whole fish is cooked instead of fish pieces. This is the way to represent this dish, masgouf. Iraqi cuisine is called Mesopotamian cuisine. It is originated by different regional cuisines including Persians and Iraq, etc. Masgouf is well recognized by Middle Eastern restaurants and other Middle Eastern countries and, is a very old and traditional dish of Mesopotamian cuisine.

United Arab Emirates – Luqaimat ( Emirati Dessert )

Luqaimat is a deep-fried dough that is then dipped into the sugar syrup and served by adding some nuts, sesame seeds over it. It is a local traditional dish of the whole UAE. This word LUQAIMAT is not actually the name of the dish. The actual name of the dish is the Arabic word, Luqmat-al-Qadi.

The United Arab Emirates – Challah

Challah is a bread that is from the Eastern side of the European Origin. The term ”CHALLAH” is meant to be the kind of Bread and Cake. This bread is also known as ”SHABBAT BREAD”. Because on the Jewish festival Shabbat this bread is made and then serve to the Jewish members after prayer. The most traditional way to cook challah is from the plain wheat flour, eggs, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, sugar, and water to knead. There is much bread made up of similar ingredients but having some varieties and differences in shapes.

The United Arab Emirates – Baba Ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush is actually a starter/ appetizer dish that is also served as snacks and a side course. This is originated from Levantine cuisine from Lebanese. This is usually a vegetarian appetizer, which can be served according to the event like dinner or tea time snack

Palestine, United Arab Emirates – Lamb Kubba

This dish is one of the best dishes of Palestine and Arabic cuisine. This is made up of meat and can be cooked as the vegetarian version of the dish. Palestinian cuisine is a food that is not even eaten by the people of Palestine but also Jordan, Israel, Refugee camps, nearby areas, etc. The cuisines that have a great impact on Palestinian cuisine are Turkish cuisine, Arabs, and Persians. The word Kubba is derived from the Arabic language, KUBBAH is also known as KIBBEH in Levantine Arabic language. The cuisine of Palestine has a great impact on other international cuisines.

United Arab Emirates – Baklava

Baklava is a pastry dish that is layered with the nuts filled in each layer or the center of each piece. This is more like a Filo pastry. Filo is a pastry of many thin layers. This dish is originated from Ottoman Empire. The word Baklava came from the Mongolian Language, also known as BAGLABA in the Persian language. Meaning of the word Baklava is ”TO TIE UP”, ”WRAP UP”.

Jordan, United Arab Emirates – Mansaf

This dish is very royal having different ingredients together on a plate. This is a very delicious dish, very popular throughout the UAE. It is an Arabic dish and as we knew, Arabs have many royal dishes with the use of a huge amount of meat especially lamb meat or mutton, and dry fruits, nuts, saffron, etc. Atwa (truce) and Ja’ha (peacemaking process) are the two main events of Jordan and this dish is also very important in these events. In the 20th Century, Joseph Massad declared this dish as the traditional and national dish of Jordan.

The United Arab Emirates – Al Kabsa

Kabsa or kabsah is a rice dish in which many elements are included. This dish is from SAUDIA ARABIA and Emirati Cuisine. In GULF ARABIC, it is known as ”Makbus/ Machboos”. Kabasa means Squeeze so from this the word comes up with ”SQUEEZE ALL INGREDIENTS INTO ONE POT”.