Cameroon – Tatinan Food Mixture

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Tatinan food mixture is a food containing all other forms of food, joined to become one and for it to bear the name Tatinan food mixture. The name is as result from the fact that the food is very balanced and contains all the other forms of food in one. It is very rich in substance, in proteins and in equilibrium. Eating Tatinan food mixture is one of the best things that could ever happen to you when in comes in terms of food. Not just the fact that is a very balanced up meal, it is also very tasty and sweat in the mouth. The food may seem very light, but by the time you finish eating, then you are fully satisfied. Eating a balanced food nowadays has become luxury, as most people enjoy eating processed food or canned food whereas the best forms of meal reside in simple meals. Tatinan food mixture is an original food mixture coming from the Ndian plateau in Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Three cups of rice
  2. One fresh onions
  3. Two raw irish potatoes
  4. One fresh pear
  5. Half part of chicken
  6. One teaspoon of mayonnaise
  7. A small amount of red nuts
  8. One cup of Soya beans oil
  9. A pinch of Salt
  10. One Maggi

All these ingredients are sufficient to cook Tatinan food mixture.

Cooking process

  1. Wash the rice
  2. But before washing the rice, make sure that there is no bad grain or stone in the rice.
  3. Wash the onions, then slice it adequately.
  4. Pour soya beans oil in the cooking pot.
  5. When the soya beans oil is hot, throw in the pot the onions.
  6. Then followed by the rice, then put a little bit of salt and maggi in the food.
  7. Pour a cup of water and close your pot for the food to be ready.
  8. When it is ready, remove from fire.
  9. The first part of the meal has been cooked.
  10. Next, move to the chicken.
  11. Wash the chicken as usual so as to remove all the dirt from it.
  12. After still, cut the chicken in small portions.
  13. Pour soya beans oil in the pot.
  14. When the soya beans oil is hot enough, proceed to the frying of the chicken.
  15. When the chicken has fried enough, remove it from fire.
  16. Remove the peelings off the irish potatoes.
  17. Slice the irish potatoes in small portions, very small portions.
  18. Using the soya beans oil that was used in frying the chicken, fry the irish potatoes with it.
  19. Wash the pear, then slice it in small parts.
  20. Wash the small red nuts. Make sure not to boil the red nuts, just wash them. This is all.
  21. This is what has to be done so as to have Tatinan food mixture.

Enjoy your meal!

Good Appetite!

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