Cameroon – Poison Braisé au miel

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Poison braisé au miel, wow, how it seems delicious. Good things come and go as fast as they came, but with an appropriate method, the sweetnesss could last longer than expected. This is the case of poison braise au miel. Poison braise au miel is particularity that breaks all norms of eating fish. It is very astounishing to think fish could be eaten with honey. Fortunately, this is the case. This is the speciality of the cooking chief in a renowned restaurant that through him, families and individuals have decided to be cooking Poison braisé au miel as a favorite way and manner of cooking cooking and enjoying fish in general. From one person and one concept, there is a general practice and acceptation of a meal from one individual. This meal, poison braise au miel is often cooked during evening times in homes and restaurants. In restaurants, it can take place during any evening time of in the course of the week, whereas in family and close gatherings, it takes place during Sundays. Any age group that eat it, from small to the biggest ones. Poison braise comes from Jie in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. One full fresh fish
  2. Two fresh tomatoes
  3. Two citrons
  4. Half cup of black honey
  5. One onions
  6. Plantain leaves to act as a plate

Cooking process

  1. Wash the tomatoes and the onions
  2. Slice the tomatoes in two halves
  3. Cut the onions in very small parts
  4. Wash the two citrons
  5. Slice the four citrons in four halves.
  6. Wipe the plantains leaves that shall be used as plate to put the poison braise on it.
  7. Using charcoal or whatsoever you have at your disposal.
  8. When the fire is on, you can then roast your fish, turning from side to side.
  9. Make sure to turn the fish diligently so as to avoid it from burning.
  10. After roasting the fish, proceed to the frying of the onions.
  11. When you finish frying the onions, place it into the honey.
  12. When everything is well set, you can then serve it.
  13. Before serving the fish, you have to do the following things.
  14. Get a clean tray
  15. Wipe the tray very well
  16. Get the plantains leaves you have at your disposal.
  17. Wash them once more.
  18. After washing and wiping the plantains leaves, place them on the tray.
  19. From this, you can them serve the fish, the sliced tomatoes beside it and also the onions.
  20. You can do same as on the picture.

Good Appetite!

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