Syria – Pistachio Tahini Halvah

Halva is a dessert that can be cooked by adding different main ingredients like nuts, fruits, semolina, flour, grains, etc. This dish is very popular in WEST ASIA. In Syria, halwa is cooked usually grains based. This dish is said to be the confectionary food item. It is basically a dessert or sweet dish for confections. Halvah is a dish that originated from Persian cuisine. It is a very old and traditional dish from the 7th century. In the Arabic language, Halwa means SWEET CONFECTION.

Syria, United Arab Emirates – Mutabbal/ Baba ghanoush

Mutabal is also known as Baba Ganoush. This is like a dip made up of eggplants. In the Arabic language, the word ”BABA” means ”FATHER”. The other word is ”ġannūj” is the personal full name. Mutabal is another name for this dish in Levantine, Syria, etc. This means ”SPICED”. The culinary tradition of Israeli cuisine is from the GREATER SYRIA. In a Syrian meal, this is served with coffee. This is served also with the CONFECTIONERY SWEET, desserts, etc.

Syria, United Arab Emirates – Lamb Moussaka

Moussaka is a very common dish in the Middle East. It is a vegetable and meat layered dish. This dish is basically from SYRIA. It is very popular in BALKANS and MIDDLE EAST. The history and origin of the dish are not well recognized but it has many theories regarding the naming and etymology of this dish. There are many versions of the naming of this dish like in English word, it is said that the word Moussaka is taken from the Greek Word, mousakás.