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Center Region Cameroon – Bulu Beignet and Pape

Bulu beignet and pape is a food eaten by the bulu people. It is a food rich in potassiums and essential minerals. Bulu is a locality located in the French speaking part of Cameroonm, better known as the Center region due to the fact that it comprises of the Political capital of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Plantain Casserole

Many people use plantains as accompaniment for most sauce or soup they cook. For example, egusi stew, egusi pudding, tomatoes sauce, Bongo Chubi, Etc. Those listed above are just a few of the many not listed LOL.

Nkinsinjam, Northwest Cameroon – Corn Fufu With Tomatoes

The type of meal, I am about to teach here is mostly known as traditional meal. Traditional meal highly appreciated by the local people due to the fact that it is believed to natural and contains natural ingredients. In Kninsinjam, corn fufu with tomatoes is believed to be uniting the ancestral world and the world of the living.

Cameroon – Ista Meat Pie With Beignet Farine

Ista meat pie with beignet farine is a meal eaten during an occasion, mostly a short party between organized among close relatives. Ista meat pie is the name given because it has to do with so many combinations of various types of meat. This dish is a meal that is being eaten during ceremonies in the Metropolitan city of Yaounde, Cameroon.

Cameroon – Chicken Fried Rice

Fried rice is a delicious dish loved by many and prepared by many in so many different ways. Fried rice is prepared in many different colors including brown fried rice, yellow fried rice, green fried rice and red fried rice.

Cameroon – Egussi Okro and Yellow Garri

Okro is a fruit vegetable grown in almost if not all but at least six regions in Cameroon. In the center region okro can be seen grown by the beti and ewondo tribe. Okro soup itself is very nutritive and good for every age group from a toddler to adults to the aging.

Cameroon – Pounded Coco Yams and Sauce Jeaune

ounded coco yams is a meal eaten in almost all regions in Cameroon. Although eaten in almost all the regions in Cameroon, some of the villages who consider pounded coco yams as their first or best meal. All of these villages are found in the North West region.

Cameroon – Pomme à la vapeur au poulet

Pomme à la vapeur avec poulet is a local cuisine having the taste of a hot steak that has just been prepared and removed from fire. This food originates from Cameroon precisely in Ebolowa locality, a town not that far from the Center region, which is Yaounde.

Cameroon – Yellow Cabbage With Red Beans and Sweat Potatoes

Yellow Cabbage with red beans and sweat potatoes is a delicious meal that is being prepared in the afternoon around a family gathering for a family meeting and enjoyment purpose. Wine is very important for the digestion process. This dish comes from the locality of South West region in Cameroon, precisely in the Mbam region.

Cameroon – Canda Vegetables Food Diet

nda vegetables food diet is a local cuisine that is meant for curative purposes and dietary reasons. In Cameroon, there is a great liking in the eating of canda in particular. Canda vegetables food diet is a diet that comes from the Bayangi village locality, now spreading to all the regions and loacilites of Cameroon.