Ethiopia – Doro Wat

Are you craving to eat something spicy? I got you covered with some wonderful African cuisine that will blow of your taste of food to 100%. Today you will read and learn how a spicy Ethiopian stew is prepared. It Is called Doro Wat. This is one of the most valued sauce In Ethiopia.

Ethiopia – Coconut Rice

Ethiopia is a country found East north of African continent, it is full of beautiful mountains at large.
Rice is a delicious meal to almost all of Africans simply because it is cultivated in most of the parts within Africa as well as Ethiopia.

Ethiopia – Doro Wat

Doro means chicken, it’s a cuisine of onion sauce with a chicken meat and eggs. Preparation of this cuisine takes time especially the primary steps of onions roasting.

Ethiopia – Asa

Asa is a dish to present a fish such as Nile perch, that it fried and served with other foods like rice, stiff porridge or fried bread. Ethiopia is among the African countries that stays on focus to hold their traditional eating styles, this is proved with the presence of Injera in almost all of the table foods.