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Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – White Creamy Karahi

Chicken White Karahi is a local dish. It’s known for the mouth-watering taste and magnificent looks. It has almonds in it which makes the dish even more delightful.

Pakistan – Gulabi Colada

Gulabi Colada is a creamy dairy drink originated in from Indian subcontinent. Gulabi Colada is a very popular traditional drink among desis (Punjab people) because of its refreshing taste. It is taken with breakfast and lunch to cool the effect of hot summer.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Chicken Saag (Mustard Leaves)

Saag is actually the “LOVE OF PUNJAB”. This is the most famous dish of winter, no one in Pakistan who taste it for the first time and then never demand more. Most of the people eat different saag but Sarson ka saag is best.

Pakistan – Chicken sajji lovers

Sajji lovers are common in our city as well as in our country. It’s our tradition to serve sajji in front of our guest as our traditional foods. It is common and famous to eat in Ramadan and in lunch dinner as well as in breakfast. Its taste watered our mouth.

Pakistan – Dahi Bhare (Street Food)

This is a special dish of an all-time favorite. This is actually a food, usually found on the hawker’s stall and roadside stalls. This is a special type of snack, consist of yogurt, lentils balls and some sauces, etc. This dish has many components to assemble.

Pakistan, India – Chicken Qorma In Restaurant-Style

Restaurant-style Chicken Qorma is a special and common dish in Pakistan. It is available at many restaurants or Dhabas’. The name of this dish is chicken qorma, the word Qorma means actually a gravy or curry that is chicken gravy or chicken curry but the uniqueness of this name is very delectable that is “Qorma ”.

Pakistani – Traditional Drink Sardai

Pakistan’s famous drinks are lassi, sattu, sardai, fasla ka sharbat and many more.

Pakistan – Masala Bhare Baingan

Masala Bhare Baingan is a recipe whose base is baingain.

Pakistan – Keema Bharay Karele

Keema Bharay Kerele is a Pakistani recipe and perfect meal for lunch. It is a wonderful simple, easy and tempting stuffed karela recipe. I would like to share that keema karely has many variation and taste vary from recipe to recipe.