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Italy – Arancini

Arancini is an Italian classic dish which is basically rice balls stuffed with ingredients like meat and cheese. Arancini came into existence in the 10th century in the city of Sicily. It is also regarded as the “Sicily’s cuisine”. Arancini is an Italian word whose meaning is “little orange”. It has a small history but it is loved everywhere.

France – Crispy Potato Puffs

Potato puff is a special dish famous in France. This dish is a type of Orleans food dish. Potato Puffs means a fried Potato that is crispy and delicious in taste. In the French language, this snack is also known as “Pommes de Terre soufflés”. It is invented in the 18th century by the French chef Jean-Louis-Francois Collinet.

French – Confit De Canard With Watercress Salad

Confit De Canard is one of the finest cuisines in the whole of the France. It is said to be originated in the region of Gascony. This dish is basically an dish with duck as its main protein and this duck is made with a special method of preservation which is also called confit method. Confit De Canard is a French word so when translated into English it means “Duck Confit”

Italy – Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is a dessert made by boiling heavy cream and adding stuff like sugar, vanilla extract and gelatin. The best thing about this dessert is that it can be made with any flavor so there are thousands of its variations and another good factor about it is that it goes well with everything. Panna Cotta is an Italian word which when translated into English means “Cooked Cream”. Panna Cotta is said to be originated in the region of Piedmont which is near the border of France. It is said that there has been no signs of Panna cotta before 1960’s and, it was after the 2000’s in 2001 it was listed in the traditional foods of its region. There are many similar dishes like Panna Cotta.

Turkey – Traditional Lahmacun (Flatbread with meat and paste)

Lahmacun is a thin flatbread that has a yummy paste (sauce) and meat on top of it. In Turkey, this is called ”TURKISH PIZZA”. Lahmacun does not have cheese in it like usually normal pizza has cheese in it. This is the most famous street food in Turkey.

United Kingdom – Cherry Bakewell Tart

This Amazing dish is coming up from the DERBYSHIRE in England. That region is popular in making confession pastries. Shortcrust pastry is maybe a tart of smaller size, or quiche, or a pie. The popular ones are sweet ones with the use of many fruits, nuts, almonds, and cream over the tart.

North America, Spain – Special Stuffed Capsicum

Stuffed Capsicum is a special type of vegetarian dish which is based on mice of beef, but you can also try mutton mince or chicken mince. This sweet delightful dessert (Stuffed Capsicum) is originated from Spanish Cuisines but some food historians say it is a part of Mexican Cuisine which is located in North America. In India from Indian Subcontinents’ this dish is called “Bharva Shimla Mirch”

United Kingdom – Fish And Chips (With Mushy Peas And Tartar Sauce)

Fish and Chips is considered the most common dishes in all of the UK as it is merely eaten everywhere in the whole country. It is basically a fish fried in batter and served with hot chips along with its side with an tartare sauce. The origin of fish and chips was in Lancashire in 1863 by a man named Mr. Lee who used to serve fish and chips from a wooden hut.

Italy – Risotto

Risotto is an Italian classis dish which is basically rice cooked in broth until it reaches a creamy state. Risotto with all its simple and less ingredients looks like a piece of cake but in reality it is one of the most difficult dishes to get right. Many people have tried to get it right the first time but only a few have succeeded. That is why it is named “DEATH DISH”. I highly recommend it to everyone who visits Italy, try it there where it was created because that original taste cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Switzerland – Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is an Swiss classic dish which is melted cheese inside of an communal pot, or fondue pot. This dish goes way back 5-6 centuries and has a big place in the Swiss history. As a way of increasing cheese consumption the Swiss Union declared this dish as the national dish of Switzerland in 1930. I recommend it to everyone to try it and have it as a side dip for other dishes because its flavor goes with every food palate.