United States of America – Sweet and delicious French Toast

French toast is a type of breakfast recipe. Here the word toast means that properly cook of bread slice from pan or toaster from both sides. There are different claims about the origin of French Toasts but the main source of information is that French Toast comes from Roman Empire. Basically, French Toast is called “Pain Perdu” in French, which means lost bread, while in some Roman languages it is called Pan Dulcis. It becomes popular day by day from the earlier 15th century.

Italy – Carbonara

The best pasta dish ever made in Italy is Carbonara. It is a pasta dish which is made by adding finely cooked pieces of Guanciale together with a creamy sauce of egg yolks and then finished off by adding cooked pasta. The name Carbonara is not old it is relatively more newer than the dish itself. It is derived from the word carbonaro which means “coal burner”. There are many variations of the dish.

Spain, United Kingdom, France – Delicious Creme Caramel Pudding

Cream Caramel is another type of delightfully sweet dessert. The word caramel means sugar syrup which is in dark brown and sometimes brown color after heated it well. The cuisine is a part of the European Region and includes the United Kingdom and Spain’s cuisine. There are many types of verities of cream caramel pudding or custard.

Italy – Lasagne Bolognese With Bechamel Sauce

Lasagna is one of Italy’s finest cuisines ever made. It has a place in the heart of the Italian cuisine. Lasagna was first made in the city of Naples where this dish became popular in no time. The word Lasagna was embraced from the Greek dish “Lasanum” which meant “cooking pot” because it was made in it. As my opinion goes I will always recommend everyone to try it because it is also one of my favorite foods to eat. It may not be the healthiest but it is tasty.

Italy – Arancini

Arancini is an Italian classic dish which is basically rice balls stuffed with ingredients like meat and cheese. Arancini came into existence in the 10th century in the city of Sicily. It is also regarded as the “Sicily’s cuisine”. Arancini is an Italian word whose meaning is “little orange”. It has a small history but it is loved everywhere.

Serbian – Sarma

The word sarma is derived from the Turkish word sarmak, which means to wrap, wrap or dolma, doldurmak – to fill.

The United States, America – Delightful Dessert Banana Pudding of Vanilla Flavour

The Banana Pudding has many components but the 3 main components are Banana slices, Biscuits, or cookies and the last is Vanilla custard. This dish (Banana Pudding) is actually originated from the United States and it is the part of the European region. In America, there is a lot of places that this delightful dessert has sold.

The United Kingdom, Mexico – Traditional Cornish Pastry (Meat Pie)

The Cornish pasty is a baking recipe that we bake in an oven. There are many alternatives of Cornish pasty one of them is Meat pie, the meaning of word, meat pie also the same as Cornish. this dish (Chicken Enchiladas) is actually originated from British Cuisine.

Turkey – Traditional Lahmacun (Flatbread with meat and paste)

Lahmacun is a thin flatbread that has a yummy paste (sauce) and meat on top of it. In Turkey, this is called ”TURKISH PIZZA”. Lahmacun does not have cheese in it like usually normal pizza has cheese in it. This is the most famous street food in Turkey.