Swaziland (eSwatini) – Ground Mealies Mixed with Sour Milk (Emasi Etinkhobe Temmbila)

Swaziland (now called eSwatini) is a country located between Mozambique and South Africa. Is among the best traditional keeper countries in Africa. Polygamy was among the tradition kept through the time in the country, but rarely done today due to HIV/AIDS pandemic that is responsible for almost over 50% of all deaths in the country.

Swaziland – Sidvudvu

Sidvudvu is the cuisine from Swaziland, made from Pumpkin. It accompanied with mixes from other vegetables and cereals like maize.

Swaziland – Sidlwadlwa (Meat and Vegetable (Cabbage) Mix)

Swaziland is a country that observes traditional dishes. Most of it’s dishes are prepared with vegetables and cereals including pumpkins, beans leaves, spinach, cabbages as well as maize, millet and cassava respectively

Swaziland – Sishwala

Sishwala is the most consumed food in Swaziland (e-Swatini), cooked to give a thick porridge of beans (mostly sugar beans) and maize meal mix. This is the loved cuisine because it comprises of the main ingredients in most of the meals in Swaziland.