Israel, United Arab Emirates – Kashkaval Potato Bourekas

Bourekas is the puff pastry dish from Israeli cuisine. This is made by a pastry of phyllo dough. The word boureka or borekita is the Judeo-Spanish word borrowed from the Turkish word BUREK. This dish is the HALF MOON SHAPED PASTRY, the ancient pastry cooked and baked from the old-time as the traditional dish from the bakery.

Israel, Iran, Levant – Sabich Sandwiches

This dish is like a sandwich in which different vegetables, stuffed meat, sauces are served in the pita bread or some other form of bread. In this specific bread fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, salads, different sauces are sandwiched between pita bread or laffa bread. Their ingredients are basically from the Jews breakfast and it is also a dish of breakfast, but it is commonly found there as the street food sandwich and also in the snacks. The use of Tahini sauce and Amba pickle is also very common but it is the variety infused with UAE culture. Tahini sauce is basically a sauce from Arab and Emirati cuisine so it is a dish with different culture infusion. More specifically, Israeli cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Arab cuisine have the same roots of origin. Israel’s culinary culture is the history of 3000 years. The history of Israeli cuisine is divided into different eras of development. At the time of 1940 to 1950, there were Iraqi Jews refugee created these dishes.

Israel – Delicious Falafel Balls

Falafel is Israel’s national dish made up of famous chickpeas, a protein rich food. Falafel is eaten world wide but it’s mostly eaten In Eastern countries especially In Arabs. In streets of Israel, falafel is served differently like it is served with a famous sauce hummus, pickle, bread and sauce that helps it to enhance its taste.

Morocco, Algeria, Liberia, Israel, Tunisia – Couscous

Couscous is an Maghrebi cuisine also known as a North African cuisine. It is a grain product made from semolina which is mixed with different spices and stew. It is a very old dish which goes back centuries. In the Arabic cookbooks of the 14th century there are many mentions of dishes like couscous. There are also many variations of couscous depending on the place where you are eating it.

Tunisian, Algerian, Israel – Brik / Bourek

Brik is an Tunisian pastry dish which is filled with tuna, vegetables and spices and then it is finally deep fried to give it an incredible crispy look. The main version of this dish which defines its true history is the one with tune and an egg yolk. This dish is said to be over 500 years old and many say that it was the Tunisian region which truly came up with this dish.

Tunisian / Moroccan / Israel – Shakshouka

Shakshouka is an Arabic word which means “mixture”. It is one of the best dishes of all the African cuisines. This dish consists of eggs which are poached in a tomato sauce underneath it. It is not only served as a breakfast rather it is also served as lunch and dinner. It is said that this dish came into existence in the regions of Tunisia and Yemen. After people living in the North of Africa migrated to Israel, this dish became Israel’s national dish.