Hong Kong (China) – Butter Roast Goose

Roast goose is actually a Christmas special dish in Hong Kong, Christmas is incomplete without this dish. This dish is actually based on the goose, but it is not the normal one, Hong Kong has a unique goose from its region which they make eat in a special way and serve it with buttery stuff.

Hong Kong (China) – Lo Mein Noodles

Lo mein noodles are very unique and spicy noodles of Hong Kong (China). Lo mein sauce is poured over the Lo mein noodles. These noodles are full of chili sauce that makes them spicy.

Hong Kong (China) – Beef Brisket

This smoked beef brisket just melts in your mouth so you have to make it soft and spicy. It is like the bar be Que dish but you have to make it in the oven. This is very expensive to eat, so you should try the best one. This dish is famous all around the world.

Vietnam, Hong Kong (China) – Banh Cuon

The meaning of Banh Cuon is ” STEAMED ROLLS ” and Banh Cuon is the Vietnamese dish which came from the Northern side of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is the most popular dish because this dish is available in the streets and in every event or function of Vietnam. Banh Cuon is a Western dish which is originated from Northern Vietnam.

China (Hong Kong) – Zhajiangmian

Zhajiangmian is actually a very famous noodle of China that is made from soybean paste. Zhajiangmian is also known as “FRIED SAUCE NOODLES”. These noodles are originated from Shandong province of China and, famous in the Northern side of China. This dish varies from region to region.

Hong Kong – Style Milk Tea Special

Hong kong special tea is the most famous tea all around the world, tea is one of the best drink that we drink in the evening. The special ingredient in this special tea is the ” BLACK TEA LEAVES “.

Hong Kong (China) – Pineapple Bread

Pineapple bread is one of the famous bread of Hong Kong which is available in every bakery of Hong Kong. We can also call them “PINEAPPLE BUN”. This dish is originated from Hong Kong and the first made in Tai Kung Bakery.

Hong Kong (China) – Miniature Wife Cakes

This cake named ” WIFE CAKE ” you can also think that this is especially for wives, but not. These cakes are special for everyone. This is famous especially on valentine’s day to gift to your girlfriend and propose to her, I hope she can’t reject this delicious tasty cake.

Hong Kong (China) – Har Gow

Dim sum meal is the special meal of Hong Kong, and it has many dishes in it so har gow is one of them. Har Gow is named as in the Chinese language, its actual name is shrimp dumpling. You can enjoy it at the breakfast, in the evening or in dinner as well.

Hong Kong (China) – Biangbiang Noodles

Biangbiang is the ” hand-pulled noodles ” which is very famous all around Hong Kong or China. Its special thing is that it is hand-made noodles, these are made by humans, not by machines. There are ” Eight strange wonders of Shaanxi ” and these noodles are one of them. Hand-pulled noodles are made from Wheat flour and have a very silky smooth texture.