Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Lady Finger

Lady finger is the most local cuisine of Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This dish is delicious as well as healthy. Many people like this dish because of it’s good taste and it is healthy as well.

Bangladesh – Mutton Potato Curry

Mutton potato curry is considered in the top dishes of Bangladesh. Mutton potato curry is basically curry (gravy) with potatoes and lamb in it. People in Bangladesh eat this as a breakfast with chappati. This dish is considered a royal dish in the Mughal’s time.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Traditional Mutton Desi Karahi

There are a couple of dishes in Pakistani food that genuinely don’t require an introduction. Biryani, Pilau, Korma… they all discussion for themselves. An extraordinary sheep Karahi too comes in this most excellent class.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Aloo Gosht

Relish a traditional mutton dish cooked in a traditional way, comes a mouth-watering delicacy to prepare on the festivities of Ramadan. Mutton cooked in dum along with medium cut potatoes ,spices and butter served with paratha, roti or rice for a hearty meal.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Spicy Bhindi Masala (Lady Finger / Okra)

It is an Indian dish of okra cooked with flavors and much of the time different vegetables, (for example, onions or tomatoes). Okra singe equation could be a common north indian sabzi which is famous for its nutritious regard and obviously for its shocking taste.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Bhunna Hua Qeema (Minced Meat)

Bhuna hua qeema means the mince of meat like lamb, mutton, beef, etc are brownish in color, fry them in masala, and spiciest food to eat in lunch or dinner. We can also eat this at breakfast because most of the people in Pakistan eat “salad” in breakfast with parathas or roti as well with a cup of tea must.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, India – Halwa Poori

Halwa poori is one of the best traditional dish of Pakistan cuisine and Indian cuisine. Halwa is specially made by suji and sugar syrup. Although, Poori is made by maida by kneading it with water.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Tradition Special Mutton/Beef Nihari

Nihari may be a direct cooked stew from Indian subcontinent. Nihari word begins from the word Nihar which proposes Day since Nihari is really eaten up interior the morning supper.

India, Pakistan, Bangladeshi – Mutton Pulao

Mutton Pulao is a local cuisine in India, Pakistan and other asian countries like Bangladesh. This dish has a great delicious taste and healthy as well. Many people like this dish because of Mutton. Those people who like Mutton would easily like this dish because this is made up of Mutton.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Masala Dum Gosht (Beaf, Lamb, Mutton)

Masala Dum Gosht or the Lamb Masala formula, Pakistani could be a delightfully straightforward lamb curry formula made with whole flavors. It is so simple to form that this dish will make one of your favorite some time recently long.