Cameroon – Salvage Rice With Red Oil

Normally, rice is being cooked with groundnut oil or olive oil in most cases, but in this case, it is being prepared with red oil. Salvage rice with red oil is cooked in Adamawa region, precisely in the Adamawa plateau in the Northern part of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Easy Spicy Rice

It is basically just rice, one of the most available food in my country. Rice has been used to feed thousands of people and it is still used today. For most occasions and donations, you will see rice being served as main dish.

Cameroon – Gum Gum With Brown Fish Sauce

Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is cooked for various reasons like traditional reasons and domestic reasons for various purposes. Traditional reasons like the celebration of the intronisation of a new head of village or when the head of family is welcoming the delegation from the head of village into his house. Gum Gum with brown fish sauce is a traditional meal that is being prepared in the West part of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Njacatu (Garden Egg) Stew

Garden Egg or Njacatu as it is commonly called by the English speaking people of Cameroon is a fruit vegetable. It is a common meal prepared by the people of the kom, metah, nkambe, ndu and wum clan.

Bakweri Specia, Cameroon – Kwacoco and Banga soup

In Africa, and Cameroon to be précised, our women must know how to cook. That is an extra and wonderful boost for her finding a man she could get married to.

Cameroon – Roasted Potatoes With Macaroni

Roasted potatoes with macaroni is a meal cooked for special occasions on Sundays to welcome Sunday visitors at home or have a family meal together. This dish is a meal coming from the Savanes of Cameroon, precisely in East part of the country.

Baham, Cameroon – Sauce de Pistache With Ripe Plantains

Sauce de pistache is a normal meal eaten at Afternoon times or evening depending on each and everyone, but not in the morning. More importantly, it must be eaten when it is hot and not cold.

Cameroon – How to Cook Bameleke Yellow Soup

Yellow soup is a traditional food eaten in the Western part of Cameroon by ethnic groups known as the Bameleke. Though the food is an intergral part of their tradition, it is also well appreciated in other parts of the country.

Cameroon – Bahana Burnt Plum With Boiled Native Cocoyams

Bahana burnt plum is a local cuisine known for the fact that it is being eaten at the sunset when the whole family is being gathered around a burning fire telling themselves stories of different kind from epic stories to comic stories with the whole family laughing cheerfully enjoying themselves. Bahana burnt plum with boiled native cocoyams is a tradition coming from the Bahana, a village locality found in the Western part of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Bamoun Vegetables With Ripe Plantains and Meat

Bamoun vegetables with ripe plantains and meat is a healthy food. One of the specifies about this vegetable is that it is being cultivated during the hot season, since in Cameroon, we have the Rainy season and the Dry season.