Singapore, Indonesia – Kwetiau Goreng

This dish is a very unique dish, it actually called a Chinese dish but it is related to the cuisine of Singapore and Indonesia. Usually, people of Indonesia want to eat breakfast. It is a FRIED RICE NOODLES. The meaning of Kwetiau is “FLAT NOODLES”. Kwetiau Goreng is also used as street food in Singapore. Basically, the origin of this dish is China.

Pakistan – Shahi Turkey (Traditional Pakistani Dessert)

This is the Pakistani’s famous and traditional recipe of old ages. Actually its origin from days when old chapatis were used to make this dessert. But nowadays we can make it up from fresh bread, chapati and bun.

Japan – Nigirimeshi

This is the traditional rice dish of Japan which is simply known as rice balls. This dish has many other names according to the filling. There are different ingredients used in making this simple but with a lot of varieties in this dish. From Kamakura to the Edo period this dish is invented. Sumurai stored these rice balls into bamboo sheath and use them at the time of war.

Pakistan – Chicken Sticks

It is a local cuisine usually eaten in Pakistan and many other Asian countries. Chicken sticks is a delicious dish made up of chicken and many people like it due to its good taste and beautiful smell.

Pakistan, India – Special Tandoori Chicken Karahi

Tandoori chicken karahi is a popular type of chicken karahi. It is a treat for your taste buds and never fails to impress in front of your family. It is rooted in Indian subcontinent and it is a popular north Indian and Pakistani curry.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, India – Punjabi Chikkar Murgh Channay

This dish is one of the most famous dishes for breakfast. This is actually the famous dish of sialkot and punjab. Every student as well as other persons wants to eat this in breakfast or in lunch must on Sunday

Indonesia – Semar Mendem

Yogyakarta province in Indonesia is an iconic city with all its philosophy and artistic handicraft. When visiting Yogyakarta, tourists will have treated with various kinds of food. Semar Mendem’s name comes from Semar, the legendary character of the puppetry story.

Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Hyderabadi Lal Chicken Karahi With Salad and Raita

Hyderabadi lal chicken karahi is full of spices and buttery stuff, which is creamy and spicy in taste. This is the most famous dish of Hyderabad, whenever someone visits Hyderabad they can’t deny this special dish of Hyderabad, its taste and aroma is out of the world.

Pakistan – Chicken Spinach

I love to spend my time in kitchen and I always try to prepare and introduce new dishes. Today I have planned to prepare Chicken Spinach because chicken spinach is a traditional food of Pakistan.

Pakistan – Desi Lassi

Lassi is a creamy yogurt drink originated in Punjab from Indian subcontinent. Lassi is a very popular traditional drink among desis (Punjab people) because of its refreshing taste.