Ghana – Akple

The Ewe tribe from Ghana have another cuisine to take a taste from. Akple may seem slightly alike with Banku yet there is a big difference here. Akple is from Ewe tribe in Volta region while Banku is from Ga Tribe of the Greater Accra region.

Ghana – Waakye

This is the dish which is based on BEANS and RICE. This is one of the most famous breakfasts for GHANAIANS. The specialty of this dish is, you can serve its dish in BANANA LEAVES. The meaning of the word “WAAKYE” is BEAN. This word comes from the language of HAUSA. This dish was originated from CARRIBEAN and SOUTH AMERICA.

Ghana – Banku and Tilapia Fish

Jesus Christ fed thousands with fish and bread back then. Today, we eat fish with different accompaniment like fried ripe plantains, bobolo and even banku.

Ghanaia – Ghanaian Goat Soup

Ghanaian Goat Soup is a throughout the nation preferred recipe, which stemmed with the Ewes in the Northern Volta Location of Ghana. It can be made with numerous other meats, such as beef or lamb, as well as also fish and also shellfish. Standard Goat Soup uses goat meat.

Ghana – Rainbow Rice

Ghana is kind of colorful city, hence rainbow rice style, it is prepared with food colors together with natural rice.

Ghana – Angwa Mo

Today I will be writing on a traditional meal called Angwa Mo. Angwa Mo is a Ghanaian meal which means oiled rice. This is rice like any other rice. But the cooking process is so different.

Ghana – Shito

Looking at the name shito, or how it sounds when pronounced seems funny. But this name means, chilli. This is one of the languages spoken in the region of Accra the capital of Ghana.

Ghana – Banku and Tilapia

Welcome to Ghana, deep within coastal areas where you will see with own eyes what is in the top picture, that is Banku and tilapia. This cuisine from Ghana is mostly prepared along the coastal areas where Tilapia are easily found. Banku is none other but a stiff porridge prepared with Corn flour mixed with Cassava flour.

Ghana – Fufu and Goat Light Soup

Ghana is blessed with delicious dishes, especially Fufu, the most eaten and respected cuisine in Ghana. Taking Akan ethnic group whereby Fufu is considered to be the first lead over other foods.

Ghana – Shoko Beef Stew

Shoko is a west African beef stew. This beef stew is prepared with a leaf called Alefu found in west Africa and tomatoes. Shoko is a borrowed Yoruba name. it did not originate from Ghana.