Benin – Igname Pilée

Igname Pilée means ground yam, it is found by the origin from French language to mean Yam or ground yam. The dish signifies cultural meal as to many Benin inhabitants, yams were the most consumed meals. This character is even distributed to it’s neighbor countries like Nigeria.

Benin – Akpan

Benin is a country in African continent and it is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east and Burkina Faso to the north-west. Akpan is a cuisine from Benin and it is widely prepared from the western countries in the African continent.

Benin – Ago Glain

Benin is blessed with nature, yam, maize, beans are some of the readily available blessings to the country. Sea food is available at much compared to meat. Ago Glain is another taste no never miss while you visit Benin.

Benin – Aloko

Aloko is a simple fried ripe banana crispy from Benin. It is loved by many because of the consistency of its sugar after being fried. The cuisine is sold in the streets food centers, whereby you may find it chopped in various shapes.