Cameroon – Pumpkin Leaves With Grinded Meat

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia

Pumpki leaves with grinded meat is a vegan food that has a little bit of meat in it. At times, it is good and necessary to eat the two. But eating meat should really be in low quantity as compared to eating vegetables that should be in high quantity. What is special about this food is no other than the goodness it brings to the human body as a whole and more to this, it is very simple to cook as it does not depend much expertise, but just some basic cooking knowledge that can be cooked at a very fast rate and enjoyed at a very slow rate, little by little so that the enjoyment process stays longer and in good conditions. More so, the pumpki leaves shall be eaten in raw state and not cooked at all, making more succulent than before. Pumpki leaves with grinded meat comes from Ndè in Cameroon.

Cooking ingredients

  1. Pumpki leaves
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Half kilo of meat
  4. One cucumber
  5. Small tomatoes
  6. Small nuts
  7. A little quantity of salt is needed and sufficient.

Cooking process

  1. Wash the pumpkin leaves
  2. After washing the pumpkin leaves, cut them in small portions
  3. Wash the small nuts
  4. Wash the tomatoes and slice
  5. Wash the small tomatoes also, but do not slice them
  6. Wash the one cucumber and cut in small pieces.
  7. Wash the half kilo of meat.
  8. After washing it, cut the meat in small pieces.
  9. After cutting the meat in small pieces, the next thing to do is to boil the meat.
  10. Put a little bit of salt when boiling the meat.
  11. To boil the meat, it will take you around thirty minutes.
  12. When the meat is ready, remove it from fire.
  13. Wait for the meat to become lukewarm.
  14. When it does become lukewarm, you can then grind the meat.
  15. When boiling the meat, make sure it should be boneless. When it is boneless, it will make it easy to be grinded.
  16. You can still use a moulinex to grind the meat or any other thing you have at your disposal.
  17. If you are using the moulinex to grind the meat, use a little quantity of water for it to be soft and should be able to grind easily.
  18. It does not take time to prepare it, it is very fast as well as very nice in the mouth.

Bonne degustation à vous.

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