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Malawi – Kachumbari

Kachumbari is a vegetable-fruits mix salad dish from fresh tomato and onions as the main inset. Kachumbari in Malawi is highly supplied in fast food points than in restaurants due to the consumption number of customers taking fast foods around city road sites.

Malawi – Fried Cassava Palm (Kondowole)

Kondowole is a kind of food that mixes people in case of differentiating it with Nsima (stiff porridge) because both are from the like flour where by Nsima is made from Maize flour while Kondowole is made from Cassava flour.

Malawi – Phala la Mgaiwa

Malawi, is a Safari place to enjoy new moments, most of which is enjoyed in traditional dishes like the one we are up to. It is a country in southern Africa with many tribes like Chea and Yao, taking agriculture as a part in their huts life.

Malawi – Nthochi

Nthochi is a Bread made with mashed ripe Bananas at large. Mulanje and Kaluma are the most yielded bananas’ types in the areas of Tondama, Zambia, Nakauka, Khazanga and Wamng’ono in Malawi.

Malawi – Mbatata

Mbatata in Malawi is another loved and delicious food in bite form, made from sweet potatoes and milk with butter mix, also eggs are added to flavor it.

Malawi – Thobwa

Thobwa is the very famous drink of Malawi. This drink is non-alcoholic but if we can leave this drink for few days then we can drink it as an alcoholic drink because it turned into beer due to the fermentation. The meaning of Thobwa is “SWEET BEER” but it is not alcoholic. It is a very refreshing drink on Hot days. In addition, The main famous foods of MALAWI are Fish and tea. This drink was originated from ZAMBIA but then famous in MALAWI.

Malawi – Mtedza (Malawi Peanut Balls)

Mtedza is a hard yet delicious bite made from peanut crush. It is among the loved cuisine in Malawi due to the nutritional ingredients like fats, proteins and carbohydrates that saves in time of hiking or heavy manual works.

Malawi – Fish Roast

Malawi is a country near lake Nyasa, fishing is the primary activity with it’s citizens. There are varieties of fish to prepare since most of the time, boiling fish with a tomato soup may count the cooking procedures for fish preparation.

Malawi – Zitumbuwa

Zitumbuwa is generally prepared from banana and maize flour, it is among the best dishes found in Malawi country, and it is prepared traditionally, but we will use our modern tools to make it, Welcome as we prepare our Cuisine.

Malawi – Dziwala

A lot of us may have eating insects or have seen some other people eat insects. This is real and it is food in Africa. This ranges from termites to grasshoppers. Some will say how does this grasshopper’s taste? If you are a fan of shrimps or have ever tasted it, that is how the grasshopper taste.